Thursday, March 16, 2006


You don't think I'd send the Red Bee out in battle alone, do you?

Oh, I don't mean proper teammates, although I do have his friends, Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam, the Black Condor as customs.

No, I mean, of course ... the bees.

They have Flight, Leap/Climb (you can't really "base" a bee), JLA Team Ability (for free movement), and hellacious Attack Values (c'mon; if a bee really wants to sting you, it does). The Experienced Bee and Veteran Bee (whom I like to call "Michael") have Deflection and Supersenses respectively, making them very hard to hit (because, well, have you ever tried to shoot a bee? Trust me, it's harder than you'd think, even with a scope).

As Mr. Terrific would say, "play fair"; only use the bees with the Red Bee himself. They may not do a lot of a damage, but they make a great defense.


jamawalk said...

The other night, I wiped out the Suicide Squad using Queen Bee and a mass of H.I.V.E. agents.

My oponents were not amused. Especially when I'd go "Buzz Buzz" when moving around the board.

These bees of yours could add a whole new level of annoyance to my Clix play.


Scipio said...

Oh, yes. Bees are very annoying.

You should commission a Red Bee custom, too...

Anonymous said...

Very nice sir. You are the King Of The Custom Pog!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

I do not play HeroClix. But if the opportunity arose to play as the Red Bee and his Swarm of Death, I'd be sorely tempted.

Though I'd probably annoy everyone else by yelling "Sting them, my fuzzy minions! Sting them all!" each and every turn.

Bill D. said...

Bees with the JLA team ability... that might be the best Heroclix-related idea I've ever heard.

Neil said...

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