Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Haikuesday with Lo-Lo and the Dino

There's a reason that dinosaurs are Number 4 on the National Periodicals Table of Story Elements: it's just not comics without dinosaurs.  Isn't that right, Ren Fair Spidey?

"I must needs get these dinosaur sketches to Lord Jameson for the evening crier's rounds!" 

Today, a dinosaur even collaborates with Pulitzer Prize winner Lois Lane in composing a haiku I title "YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!":

"Relax, Clark. This is
Metropolis. Something's bound
to happen soon." "RRRR?"

Oh, Lo-Lo; how bad is it when a dinosaur needs to edit you...?

What can haiku can you compose about the poetic teaming of Lois with a dinosaur?


Bryan L said...

Oh, Lois, my dear --
How is it you need prompting
From a mere reptile?

You're not too sharp, miss.
Otherwise you'd notice that
Superman's RIGHT THERE.

How is it an ace
Like you can be deceived by
A pair of glasses?

Ah, I missed Haikusday.

Nathan Hall said...
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Nathan Hall said...


The sad dinosaur outside

Only wants a friend.

CobraMisfit said...

Lois might love Clark,
But DC rebooted that,
To Jurrasic times.