Thursday, March 10, 2011

You too can play... "The Game"

I'm sick with a bad cold, headache, fever, sweats, the works. I'm alone with no one to take care of me. And it's pouring rain as it has been all day.

But you know what still comforts me...? You know why I'm not depressed...?


Supergirl, the Heroine of Vain. The Queen of the Clockwork Universe. The Bride of Destiny, the Sultana of Fate, the Dateless Duenna of Determinism.

Because Supergirl reminds you...

You life is a meaningless game in which you are utterly powerless.
Your every triumph leads to defeat.
Your life is nothing but a series of obstacles, delays, and frustration.
And you're fat or going to be fat.

Shall we play...

The Supergirl Game?

If you roll 1-4, you lose a turn. This will be after being shackled to a mundane life of deceit and mediocrity in a ratty pig-tailed wig, losing your powers, gaining a powerful foe, or fighting the destructive viruses that lurk within the human blood stream. Or all of the above.

If you manage to avoid all that with a roll of 5-6, you get to


Ugh. Of course he's 100% bottom.

and/or thus regain your powers.

Oh, squee! Our powers are back and we are getting ahead 2 spaces! There is hope, I wonder what's 2 spaces--
Gosh, that's swell! Now I can be an even better Secret Weapon for Superman, since I'm now less vulnerable than he is! Nothing can stop me now as I go ahead 3 spaces to...

Oh. Um. Okay. Infinity. That's a hard one to fight, isn't it? Guess I'll just bravely except this setback as I go 2 spaces in reverse where

Oh, no. I become... FAT?! No, no, no! Maybe... maybe my adopted parents are right. Maybe it's... just a phase! I'll wait it out then press forward to

Wait; that's pointless!

Oh not! Not again! *S0b*!

Maybe if get to ...

It's just not fair. Life is not fair!

But maybe if I keep waiting and trying I can...

wind up with a boyfriend without human pudenda or a creepy stalker geek who has a crush on me a 1000 years from now and who knows how brutally and pointlessly I'm going to die!.

Always remember, when you're down, folks, that...


Bryan L said...

The merboy's name is Jerry? Seriously? Was Irving taken?

SallyP said...

Holy crap, but that is one depressing way to have fun.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Merboy's name was actually "Jerro"


TotalToyz said...

Sorry you've got a bad cold, Scip. Should have visited Cameron Makhent; he'd have given you a good one.

Scipio said...

It was in fact "Jerro". That they couldn't even be bothered to get his name right in "The Game" is just another Supergirl ignominy.

Jerro has not been seen since 1964

TotalToyz said...

Of course he hasn't. He was the second shooter.