Saturday, March 07, 2009

Comic Book Indigene

This week, I had the honor of attending the exhibit opening gala of Comic Book Indigene at the Smithsonian's American Indian Museum. I was invited because I was one of the people advocating that the Smithsonian bring the exhibit to town from the New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts & Culture.

Museum director Justin Estoque, Gov. Sanchez of Acoma, and me

Exhibit Curator Tony Chavarria

Also in attendance were the 'usual suspects' from the museum's National Council, the Office of Indian Affairs, and Sen. Tom Udall, a big supporter on Native American issues.

Justin and I rocked the party till closing, and my comic book knowledge came rather in handy for the shoptalk; let's just say, if there's ever a Smithsonian exhibit on the history of Black Condor, you'll have me to thank.

The exhibit touches on a lot of topics, including Native American artists in the industry, stereotypical portrayal of American Indians in mainstream comics, use of the art form in indigenous culture, and influences of the medium's artistic conventions on native art. It's interesting and covers a wide variety of topics. In fact, that would be my main criticism; it touches on them. Maybe I'm a little more into Native American stuff and comic books than most people, but to me any one of these topics is subject enough for an entire exhibit. Heck, to me, "Little Sure Shot as a Metaphor of Native Relations" is enough for an exhibit.

Still, if you're in DC, take the time to go see the exhibit and the museum.


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Anonymous said...

Very nifty! Congrats!

And you are ROCKIN' the suit Scip! Rrrow!

Scipio said...

Heh, thanks, Ariel. You should see me in white tie and tails!

Oh, wait... you have!

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And the verification word is prous.

Your AI is trying to say it is proud of you.

Paul said...

That's great! I'll be in DC next week, hopefully I can check it out!

Sea-of-Green said...

That's awesome! The Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis just had a similar exhibit: "Western and Native Portrayals in Comics." The Children's Museum also has an exhibit on comic books. I love how museums around the country are paying more and more attention to comic books and their cultural significance. :-)

Martin Gray said...

Oh boy, yes please, white tie and tails now!

Do you have spats?

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