Thursday, March 05, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

  • Cavalier, in two comics in one month? God, I love the New Silver Age!
  • Don't let them fool you; all cat-breath is like that.
  • Just imagine the Veil on a date with the Phantom Stranger. Blah blah blah blah blah!
  • Is that Deadshot's secret motivation? I'm thinking we'll never know.
  • The return of Vicki Vale, society reporter sexpot.
  • Forget about his powers; God, Superman's got guts! "Your entire societal structure sucks!" It's like in the late '30s, where Superman wasn't The Man, he fought The Man...
  • "Eye a fark!" Words to live by.
  • Sigh. Why doesn't anyone give me a time-released bottle of champagne?
  • Tallulah decides not to wait a second, after all.
  • "Well. That was unpleasant."
  • Nocturna--? Go figure.
  • Even chained and bleeding to death, Cavalier remains a gentleman.
  • The Flash Rebirth house ad. I just like looking at it.
  • Is that the Monocle, atop the bridge? Didn't he used to be dead?
  • What the Artist Guild wears.
  • "Come as a stranger, leave as a friend." Or, you know, a corpse.
  • The cause of death of Anthony Giancarli... I want a flashback!!!
  • The Gotham Gazette gives a good sense of the slow unraveling of Gotham in Batman's absence, rather than just stating it as a fact; I like that.
  • Broken and scarred, Jonah Hex is still hella sexy.
  • "Moon Supergirl has thwarted our criminal endeavors!"
  • Any comic that cold-opens with Phantom Stranger speaking in sententiousness and logo-front is AOK by me!
  • Aunt Alura, Super-MILF.
  • Strange Adventures does a great job of tying together lots of DC's stray space characters into an interesting read. Besides I got to see more of Rann destroyed, and that's always welcome. Dirty stinkin' Rannies.
  • Now that HE's out of the way, can we please put Cavalier back with Killer Moth, where he belongs? Thanks.
  • The eloquence of Lena Luthor.
  • Is that a super-Corgie? Excellent.
  • Tyrone's species bigotry; amen to that, brother!
  • Dr. Zimmerman, the Wild West's most avant-garde interior decorator.
  • Prince Gavyn's bold deceit.
  • I cannot imagine what Bizarro and the Weird are up to together...!?
  • Ah... I begin to perceive the Secret Origin of J.E.B. Stuart's ghost...
  • I believe in Zod. Almost.
  • "There's somethin' bout it that brings a smile ta muh face."
  • Disgusting hippies and their disgusting hippy van.
  • I will not be satisified until I have the opportunity to leave someone a note that says, "Linger at your own peril." Preferably, a little girl.
  • Um... oops. I guess... I guess Killer Moth's available now, too.
  • Dan Didio's new line of clothing.
  • Hey, once it become clear that Barbara's going to be Batgirl against her breasts got HUGE!
  • Kal-El's new guild.
  • "Offer ends soon." Supplies are limited!
  • And the lesson is... do not make Jonah Hex mad at you.


Tony said...

Somebody's gotta tell me ... what comic opens with the hPhantom Stranger?

Roberts said...

And the lesson is... do not make Jonah Hex mad at you.

I'm pretty sure that's not a new lesson. In fact, I think it's reiterated pretty much every issue.

verification word: calthegu -- what's left in the tub every time one of the Elder Gods is taken away by Calgon.

Derek said...

No! Not the Cavalier! *has to read all his comics in a hurry now*

I didn't pick up Strange Adventures. I welcome it as a title, but the mini-series leading up to it did absolutely nothing for me. Dunno why.

I was pretty much buying it just for Animal Man, and he didn't appear much at all.

word verification: prose - what I'll be sticking to if the kill of Cavalier.

Scipio said...

Tony: Solomon Grundy.
Roberts: And yet, I love learning it afresh.
Derek: I felt that way about the miniseries, too; but I'm liking the series.

And don't worry Cavalier in the Unkillable Zone; the only characters whose death can remain permanent are either important on inconsequential, and he falls in the area between.

Anonymous said...

I don't know as I'd call this the new Silver Age. It's more like a thin layer of silver atop a duller, baser material; the Electroplate Age, say.

Anonymous said...

Scandal's got the card now. I wonder if it means much, though, after what happened to Neron in Reign in Hell? Heh. Commit your crimes, die in confidence, go to Hell, show Neron your get-out-of-jail card. . .oops, that's Blaze on the Throne Infernal!

Meanwhile, back on Earth-616: SHIELD has been Hydra's bitch all along!

SallyP said...

Heaven's to Betsy, there was some pretty good stuff this week!

It's true of course, that Jonah Hex is a sexy sexy man. So is Deadshot, I'm SO happy to realize that he wasn't really a filthy traitor.

And an interesting tidbit for the future about James Ewell Brown Stuart.

Glen Davis said...

Where id Nocturna show up?

Roberts said...

Scipio, that definitely wasn't a complaint. I'm a big Jonah Hex fan, hell I even bought all the issues of Hex.

verification word: prour - even more proud, but in a hurry

Scipio said...

Nocturna appears in Gotham Gazette

Anonymous said...

Is that the Monocle, atop the bridge? Didn't he used to be dead?

I can remember thinking the same thing about the Fiddler when I saw him in Underworld Unleashed. Le plus ca change...

Anonymous said...

Super-Corgie? Which comic, please? Corgies are my fav critters. :)

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