Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weighing Evil

Here's some good straightforward with some twisted evil:

According to Dr. Stone's Scale of Evil, where do various villains fall?

The Joker: 16
The Penguin: 14
The Riddler: 10? 11?
Harley Quin: 03
Catwoman: 05
Two-Face: hm. A tough one (naturally); 13?
Scarecrow: 19 (psychological torture, that is)
Black Mask: 20?

Care to debate or expand the list?


Anonymous said...

Harley Quinn needs to rate higher, I think, because she is more than a companion of the Joker; she'll kill (or at least try to kill) if the Joker asks her to, or even if he doesn't.

This whole scale bothers me because it ignores how it's possible to cause death and destruction indirectly, which is every bit as fatal to the victim(s), but allows the killers to feel like there is no blood on their hands. So I figure there's an entire portion of this "most evil" scale that's missing.

Anonymous said...

The scale may be lacking in some areas or distinctions, and ranking some characters can depend greatly on who was writing them, but it's still fun to try.

Here's a couple more from Batman's foes:

Mad Hatter (9)
Calender Man (11)

-Citizen Scribbler

Diabolu Frank said...

I'd drop Black Mask down to an 18, and even then based only on the more vicious Brubaker take. I'm also curious where general acts of terrorism fall on the scale, as I hope the practice doesn't immediately assign a rank of 19.

Anonymous said...

Mad Hatter could be up some more, simply because, well, he MIND CONTROLS LITTLE GIRLS.

I think that Joker could be higher: Look at what he did to Barbara Gordon in the Killing Joke, or at his (albeit non-canonical) portrayal in Arkham Asylum.

Darkseid would be infinity on the scale: Murder, torture (via his flunkies), Genocide and numerous attempts at removing the free-will from every living thing in the multiverse.

Chance said...


RIGHT NOW!!! I mean it!

If anyone has a problem with Darkseid you deal with me, because Darkseid is. Right now.


Roberts said...

Harvey definitely needs two ratings. I don't think Bad Harvey gets a 13 -- I think the "snapped" part just means snapped and committed one act of murder, not snapped and has continued to murder since (that fits psychotic).