Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bending Over Backwards for Beauty

Here's the next tip from Ted Long, Make-Up & Makeover Master on

It's exercise!

Isn't that right, Barry?

Sure, it may not look good while you're exercising, but, hey, Barry Allen's been dead for 17 years but look how good he looks!

You may think all this advice is unsurprising so far, but here's a piece of Ted Long's wisdom that will turn everything you know about beauty-preparations on its head!

Always greet guests from an inverted position!

How fabulous is that?

Oh, and remember the principles of highlighting; shine a convenient spotlight on your best features or any areas you want people to focus on.

Skeptical? Don't be; trust Ted Long. Besides, look what it does for Barbara Walters:

"Weh-wo, and wehw-come to the Vieweh!"

There ya go. If inversion can do that much for Barbara, imagine how much it can do for you!

I can confirm this from experience. Why, I've spent entire evenings in that position when entertaining numerous guests. And, to a man, they all said, "That was fabulous!"


Stephen said...


Marcos said...

Barry Allen's been dead for 17 years but look how good he looks!

17 years? Hasn't Barry been dead for more like 22 or 23?

SallyP said...

Up until now, I've been awaiting Ted Long's beauty tips with bated breath. But I have to say, that if I tried THIS stunt, my sweet Babboo would call the men in the white coats to come and take me away.