Friday, July 18, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy at the Cinema Today

Guess which movie I saw today at noon?

I wasn't ready; you probably aren't either.
I don't know what that ... thing was, but I would never have guessed it was Heath Ledger
Now THAT is how you handle the love interest in a comic book movie!
How can one movie be so depressing and so inspiring at the same time?
Harvey's nurse.
A 1922 two-headed silver dollar. Thank you; it doesn't kill anyone to be accurate!
Harvey's deception.
Riding with ones head out the window, as dogs do.
The ferry dilemma.
Bruce Wayne's final car looks awfully familiar to a 1970s Batman fan.
How to make a pen disappear.
Loiter? Intimidate? Catastrophic? The Batmobile certainly is literate.
Alfred's deception.
"How do the defendants plead?"
Batman versus the SWAT Team.
Lucius's tough decision.
The mad dog metaphor.
Gordon's deception.
"What bus driver?" Really, it's the slight movement before "What bus driver?".
If you thought Iron Man made a statement against terrorism, you were wrong.
250 52nd Street.
Bruce Wayne's employee problem.
Batman's deception.
How Two-Face gets his name.
Chinese barbecue.
Wow; it really IS all part of the plan.
Announcing ones plans in advance.
Getting one phone call.


Anonymous said...

It was actually a pencil that disappeared.

Most unbelievable thing? That Gotham has 30 Million people in it. That's almost twice as much as all of New York state!

Nick said...

The pencil 'magic trick' was the moment I knew Nolan and crew actually 'got' the joker.

Ledger did better than I thought possible. especially the parts that had the whole crowd laughing- as most of them, out of context, were truly horrifying.

Anonymous said...

"250 52nd Street."

What's this reference about?


Scipio said...

It's merely an address where something happens in the film, but it's 52 cards of the deck mirror against a empty center (the Joker).

B.G. Christensen said...

Hey, all those same things made me happy at the cinema today too! What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

"That Gotham has 30 Million people in it. That's almost twice as much as all of New York state!"

The New York Urban Area, which stretches from Newark to New Haven and Danbury, has 20 million people, but that's spread out over 11,264 square km.

Mumbai has about 20 million people in an area of just 777 square km.

If the areas around Manhattan were packed full of hi-rise residential buildings, it could easily hit 30 million. (Ignoring for the moment the infrastructure issues.)

Sea-of-Green said...

Separated at birth: Harvey Dent and Jonah Hex. ;-)

waldocarmona said...

Really good movie but as always, the book is better (Jeph Loeb's "Batman The Long Halloween") which has been cited as an influence by both Bale and Nolan

Anonymous said...

Yep, it really is an amazing movie. Best comic book movie ever, obviously, but a great movie without that qualification as well.

And hostile17, it isn't really fair to say it's based on 'The Long Halloween'. The script is a synthesis of a bunch of different comics, plus some original stuff, into an end product that makes a bit more sense than 'Halloween' did.

SallyP said...

So you're saying I should probably go and see this.

Anonymous said...

Actually what I thought of when I heard that address,Scip, was a reflection of the dilemma and foreshadowing for Harvey at the same time... perhaps it was the delivery of the line, but..

2 50/50 2nd street.

The Shadow said...

For me, the most unsettling moment came not from the movie, but from a man three seats down who started laughing when Harvey's new face was revealed.

Anonymous said...

This was an incredibly literate, thoughtful, utterly horrific movie. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

I was upset by people laughing at the room-temperature IQ jokes (e.g. the Joker hitting the detonator in frustration before the second wave of explosions went off; the escalation in weapons used against the police transport van).

For my money, this was the definitive version of the Joker.

Most unexpected sequence? "Give me the control. I'll do what you should have done 10 minutes ago, and I'll tell everyone you did it."

Anonymous said...

I saw some definite influence from The Killing Joke as well, with the Joker's target switched from Gordon to Harvey Dent.

Speaking of Harvey, it was great to see Two-Face treated properly (though I was really expecting him to be set up as the villain for the next film, rather than making his appearance here). The character definitely works better if you've had a chance to see him as Harvey first, and they really focused on the duality in psychological terms, rather than just making it a visual motif like Batman Forever.

Anonymous said...

Tiny Lister, best supporting actor nod?

Mike at MHH said...

I think some order has been restored in the comic movie universe when Joker killed Spawn. Now if they can figure out a way to whack Halle Berry, that would rock.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Healthy doses of Killing Joke (but more coherent, and with Batman *not* getting sucked into Joker's joke at the end), and of course Y1 (the SWAT team, the person Batman wouldn't let die).

I read Scipio's list over the weekend and only saw the movie today-- I wasn't expecting *that* to be how you handle the love interest!

Unknown said...

I just saw this movie last night, and I can't believe there hasn't been any mention of one of the trailers yet. I could barely believe what I was looking at.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw it on Monday- so much better than I was afraid it might be. It was awesome!

Scipio hit on a lot of my favorite things too, and there were so many.

I was particularly fond of the budget Batmen. Now those are some characters I'd like to learn more about. I mean, what do you do if you have similar drives and motivations to Batman, but you really can't afford anything outside of sporting goods stores? That sounds like a real corker to me!

-Citizen Scribbler