Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • That Central City looks like Central City in Rogue's Revenge.
  • "I have always found the eating plan to be an excellent backup."
  • That the cosmic egg, a vestige of the JLA/Avengers crossover is still part of DC's continuity.
  • "Sidekick City".
  • Wow. That situation with Iris didn't quite work out as expected, did it?
  • I bet Despero's the kind of guy who'll never stop to ask directions.
  • That I'm not sure which is scarier, Inertia or Zoom.
  • Blue Beetle talking to his "backpack".
  • Superspeed decapitation... yay!
  • That Jimmy Olsen is part of that particular JLA database.
  • I guess being Inertia takes a lot of guts.
  • Nnamdi's clever subterfuge.
  • Okay, that Poison Ivy story was almost pure EC Comics! Take that, Doc Wertham!
  • Manhunter versus Black Canary. Heh. Heh heh.
  • Spider-Man in Daredevil's costume. Why aren't you reading Spider-Man?
  • Trigon putting a cherry on Raven's pancakes.
  • I like this "Infinity"; howcum I've never heard of her before?
  • Say what you will about Judd Winick's writing (and I have), but his Batman is all five kinds of cool. And SO much cooler than Green Arrow.
  • The highly unexpected guest star in Birds of Prey.


Anonymous said...

That first item reminds me -- my wife and I went to see The Drowsy Chaperone this weekend. It's structured as a music fan sharing one of his favorite records, so it opens with the entire stage as his dingy "little" apartment (which gets trandformed to the setting of the show). About a minute in, my wife leaned over and said, "He must have one of those giant Central City apartments."

Scipio said...

Your wife is extremely cool; treasure her!

Anonymous said...

This is, what, the fourth week in a row that Scipio's favorite moments in comics have included something from Marvel Comics??


Guys' Guy said...

Kelson I Love your wife, she's cool!

I can't wait to see Black Canary and Manhunter rumble...I have been waiting since the last issue...also curious about this "unexpected" guest star!!

The Shadow said...

Interestingly enough, I was reading of Dr. Wertham and his crusdae against the "evils" of EC Comics yesterday. Strange stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Your wife is extremely cool"

Yes. Yes she is! :-D

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you reading Spider-Man?

Of all the comic book bloggers in the world, I would think you, Mr. Garling, would know the answer to this question.

Are you actually suggesting I deign to sully my weekly purchases by including a copy of a title from *shudder* that other company?

If you are, then I strongly suspect that someone has kidnapped the real Scipio Garling and replaced him with either a clone or a Skrull or whatever cheap device that can be used to easily explain such dramatic breaks in established continuity.

Tell me, have you recently made a deal with the devil?

Anonymous said...

Tell me, have you recently made a deal with the devil?

I'm trying very hard to avoid making the obvious joke here....

SallyP said...

Oh I definitely didn't see that particular thing with Iris coming. Oh well!

A small week for me...Green Lantern Corps STILL isn't out! (sob) but the Canary/Manhunter spat served nicely.

Anonymous said...

"Spider-Man in Daredevil's costume. Why aren't you reading Spider-Man?"

Sweet Zombie Baby Murdock!

This is what I've been telling people! Now maybe they'll listen!

Anonymous said...

where can I find the Jimmy Olson reference?

Scipio said...

In "Trinity".

Anonymous said...

Where can I find Winick's Batman?

Anonymous said...

Winick's Batman? lining birdcages across America

Kristopher said...

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