Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • I read Pistolfist. It was much better than I'd hoped; I enjoyed it very much; I recommend you read it, too.
  • "Bruce in a cave." That's just pure funny.
  • Amazo's new symbol, which is of course reminiscent of the Composite Superman.
  • Diana Price and Etta Candy, just shopping.
  • "I have a wife, three kids, and a toy poodle."
  • Sea monkey? Hilarious!
  • "Invinciboy".
  • The Kirbyesque flashback sequence for Atlas.
  • Benjamin Franklin, tripping on his own stockings.
  • "I bring him along to scoop up the leftovers."
  • Cap's Hobby Center appeared TWICE in one week....?!
  • The Two-Face origin story is actually pretty engaging, and I've never liked Harvey Bullock more.
  • "That's why I'm making a chart of when different people turned into apes." It's sentences like THAT that I read comics for, people.
  • Two former aerialists working together.
  • Stealing Zatanna's mouth.
  • So do Mark Grayson and Jaime Reyes need to go shopping together, or what?
  • Dick shows Tim how to use wealth.
  • Crispus Attuck's brother.
  • JLA was another fine Heroclix game this week, but wasn't robbing Amazo of his speed the FIRST thing Wally should have done? I still say Wally's an idiot.
  • Jim Shooter keep the plot coming fast and furious in Legion!
  • Bat-Gibbon's deductions about simian species.
  • "You did move all the way around the world, and told us in a note. It was a bit inconsiderate."
  • So, since the cougars officially call Tim "the adopted son", and do NOT call Dick that, I'm pretty much assuming that the whole "Bruce adopts adult Dick for no apparent reason" has been forgotten. Which makes me happy.
  • That Amazo uses arrows, maces, and batarangs. Just because he can.
  • "Hey, pay attention to me. I'm fascinating." I mean, is that the best encapsulation of that character ever, or what?
  • Oliver Queen, dwarfified and tortured.
  • Wow; do not florg around with Light Lass...!
  • Sam and Bobo at the cinema.
  • Okay, that was not what I expected from the Mongul situation. At all.
  • "I love the laws of pendular motion."
  • This week, in three different books, Dick Grayson was extremely cool in the ways that only he be.
  • Franklin's son; by liberty, I had almost forgotten about him... ! The perfect villain!
  • "I have a funny feeling I'm not turning into a puppet." If you're not reading SuperFriends, I call thee a humorless fool.


TheUUShadow said...

Betty Kane back in action as the original Bat-Girl (I can't believe they left the hyphen out) made me feel 10 years old again.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Bette's (isn't it Bette, not Betty?) parentage cracked me up.

Scipio said...

You'll note that NOTHING in my list is from that issue... .

TheUUShadow said...

I believe that the spelling was changed from Betty to Bette when the whole Flamebird retcon was done.

Patrick C said...

Legion has become one of my favorite books. And GLC definitely did not go the way I thought.

I'm undecided on Ambush Bug, but I'll get the next issue.

Jacob T. Levy said...

It made me happy that there was a Batman RIP issue that a) was actually within the RIP plot and b) I understood. Not at all sure that I'm happy with where this seems to be pointing, but this was actually my favorite B:RIP issue so far.

I continue to not be happy with Shooter's Legion-- even now that Amadeus Cho has shown up in it.

It made me happy to see Etrigan used as a horrifying, threatening presence to be fled from rather than as an anti-heroic doggerel-spouting main character; and to see the main character provided with so much motivation so early on.

I'm on board for Ambush Bug, and can't believe that Go-Go Chex didn't make Scipio happy.

Scipio said...

I find Griffin's attempts at humor way too heavy handed.

Obscurity is not subtlety.

Anonymous said...

"Cap's Hobby Center appeared TWICE in one week...?!" -- Scipio


"You'll note that NOTHING in my list is from that issue...." -- Scipio

Cap's must've appeared three times then, because it's also in Ambush Bug. (Aside from Super Friends, where is the other appearance, if you don't mind?)

CandidGamera : said...

Not even a nod to Ambush Bug for skewering Meltzer's Identity Crisis style perfectly? For shame..

Anonymous said...

Sam and Bobo at the cinema.

Which book was this in?

Scipio said...


Scipio said...

"Not even a nod to Ambush Bug for skewering Meltzer's Identity Crisis style perfectly?"

No fishing trophies for shooting into a barrell, LOL!

SallyP said...

Aha! So THAT'S why Ollie shot Deadman! It was nice to have the two acrobats together.

Green Lantern Corps was fabulous. Too bad about Bzzd.

Etta and Diana out shopping was lovely.

The Kirby panels were a charming surprise,and very well done. And I still got to enjoy Clark and Lois's breakfast chatter.

Anonymous said...

My son and I had our customary discussion of the week's comics last night. With respect to the Justice League of America versus Amazo:

Steve: "I don't understand how Amazo, as a scientific creation, can copy Zatanna's magical powers."

Alan: "But her powers are actually genetic. From the Homo Magi bloodline."

Steve: "Well, then why didn't she just stay at a distance, beyond Amazo's range for copying powers, and say something like 'TROPELET OZAMA OT EHT TRAEH FO EHT NUS'? She'd done basically the same thing with the tourists."

Alan: "But Dad, the heart of the sun is too crowded from all the other people DC has sent there!"

Anonymous said...

Wow I wanna know which diet Ettas on...

Chance said...

Amazo is okay, but I wish they'd bring back Composite Superman for real. That's a guy who can turn into three identical guys with Superman's strength, speed and flight, who can also read minds and turn invisible and intangible. And know martial arts.

All by himself, he's a Justice League: Code Level Amber.

Anonymous said...

"Jim Shooter keep the plot coming fast and furious in Legion!"

I've found more has happened in one issue of Legion then two of Final Crisis. That's not much of a knock to FC because Shooter crams an amazing amount of material into one issue, but still something I find interesting.

Also, Shooter setting up the next challange for the Legion, making it significant with out (seemingly) spoiling anything, in one panel is excellent.

Woody! said...

How about Starfox being burnt alive? That made me chuckle.

Scipio said...

I give up; who's Starfox?

And, yeah, a one-panel of "help, a gas giant planet has suddenly appeared in our solar system" is pretty, well, Legionesque.

PJ said...

"I'll give up; Who is Starfox?"

Since you asked...

Starfox is a relatively minor cosmic Marvel character, notable for two things.

One, he's Thanos's brother , and thus one of the handful of people on (relatively) cordial terms with the Mad Titan.

Two, he's the creepiest Avenger of all time. Which, on a team that's had Hank Pym on it, is saying something. His power is a very specific form of mind control, tied to the pleasure centers in humanoid brains. Basically, he gives you such a raging hardon that you'll do whatever he tells you to. Which is exactly as bad as it sounds.

How this is supposed to, y'know, beat bad guys is an exercise best left to the reader.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't hurt to mention that Starfox pretty often goes by the name "Eros", in case Scipio is familiar with the character under one name but not the other.

Eros also has the power to make the bracelets on his wrists appear / disappear, based upon whether he's feeling in control of the situation. Source: "The Death of Captain Marvel". Flip through it and it's a captivating phenomenon: in panels where Eros is punching someone the bracelets are gone, in panels where he's trying to break free of a thug the bracelets come back.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Starfox's power got a pretty entertaining examination in Slott's run on She-Hulk.

notintheface said...

"It was nice to have the two acrobats together."

Not only two acrobats, but two museum curators (Carter and Dick - you all really need to read Peter Tomasi's NIGHTWING).

It was also nice to see Dick Grayson punk every superhero on Earth in order to to save their lives.

Anonymous said...

"The Two-Face origin story is actually pretty engaging, and I've never liked Harvey Bullock more."

What comic is this referring to? Sorry, I'm a bit of a newb. Thanks.