Tuesday, November 15, 2022

"And the Award goes to..."


I once posted a mean post about the early episodes of the Stargirl show, but I've since become a devoted fan as it quickly became the stealth JSA show it was always designed to be.

Also, every time this man (who plays a dark tortured *snort* "high school" artist) opens his mouth and resonates with That Voice, I can feel myself grow an inch.

I could go into more detail about my change of heart, but I think one example from the show should suffice to explain it.  On the most recent episode they had these two eagle-eyed, beardy-faced very grown-up actors 

(who have OFTEN been in comedic roles, so you are really are ready to laugh at if there is slightest room to interpret what they are saying as a joke)

deliver with absolute deadpan serious conviction (NAY, TERROR), the information that one of their great supervillain enemies has won an Oscar.

And is now a gorilla.

Thank you, Stargirl & Co., for not just loving comics but for not being embarrassed about them. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Wait, Joel McHale's back? Suddenly I have a reason to watch this show.

Just watched a clip where Joel is helping the kids get Eclipso out of Courtney; the only part of that scene that interested me in the slightest was Joel. I guess I'm not meant for "plucky teenagers run rings around adults who have been doing this for years".

Scipio said...

He has moved in with the family (although he often away 'following up on leads") and literally phones his part in with calls to Pat, so that they don't have to pay him to be there every episode (where he takes up a lot of the oxygen in the room).

Anonymous said...

Yes. "That Mahkeant Boy" will be missed. One wonders whether he will ultimately end up with Stargirl. Or, perhaps, Hourman - there does seem to be room for some sort of love/hate thing, there.

Bryan L said...

I just found out about Stargirl's cancellation today, and I am despondent. It really was a pretty fun romp. It's far and away my favorite of all the CW DC shows, even the departed Legends of Tomorrow. I'd like to hope that somehow WB finds another place for it, but I'm pretty sure that won't happen.

Yes, I'm determined to trudge to the end of Flash but that's just sheer stubbornness on my part. Oh, I'm still onboard with Superman & Lois. I guess. Neither is as good as Stargirl.