Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Haikuesday with Speed Saunders

If we learn anything from Speed Saunders stories, it's that life goes by fast.  That's why it's important to stop and smell the roses along the way. You never know when a careening countess might crash into you or someone might just take a potshot at you from a passing car.

Yesterday in Part 1 of The Spider, we paused to observe the beauty of artistic composition in this panel:

I like the encroaching Guardineer Lines.
They add both intimacy and urgency.

Today we pause to appreciate the prose in the panel that immediately follows, the one whose caption contains the odd phrase "a splinter of fenders", which sounds like an obscure collective noun phrase: "The chicken's mysterious transit was flanked by a splinter of fenders." 

But a secret lies therein! That prose is in fact poetry:


There is a splinter

of fenders as the big car

sweeps in front of Speed.

Leave it to the Golden Age to find all the beauty in a traffic accident!

I encourage you to stop and take the time to compose for us a haiku in honor of Speed, the Speedmobile, Messieurs Foreground and Background, or any other aspect of our tale so far.  


Anonymous said...

Writers should avoid
Styrofoam packing peanuts.
Get to the action!

Listen Joss Whedon
And Brian Michael Bendis:
See haiku above.

Anonymous said...

... now I want to see Brian Michael Bendis cover a Speed Saunders story. One panel of the original could translate to two pages of BMB talking heads.

Anonymous said...

Reading Speed Saunders’s
Dialogue - I hear one voice:
Micro Machines Guy

- Mike Loughlin

Scipio said...

Micro Machines Guy

That took me a second.

CobraMisfit said...

Tesseract or not
Speed moves where he is needed
Sometimes he splinters.

Scipio said...

That's really pretty, Josh.

Andrew said...

Mister Foregoround and
Mister Background have one job:
to show depth of field

Scipio said...

Very elegant, Andrew