Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Peter Parker & I

 Well, apparently, for once in my life ...

Looks like Hellam to me.  Peter's been to Hellam and back.

I can finally identify with Peter Parker.

My guess is he ordered the scrapple at the 'Round the Clock Diner.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have personal experience with the place.

The worst part is, I'm impressionable enough to want to try them out now.

Scipio said...

Round the Clock? I do, indeed.

Do NOT ask for hash browns. It will not go well for you.

Brushwood Thicket Farmer said...

A diner that doesn't get breakfast right? That's unforgivable.

See if I stop there on my way to (checks map)... Gettysburg.

Scipio said...

It gets breakfasts very well! But do not ask for hash browns; it's home fries.

cybrid said...

(I thought that, when I eventually raised this topic, I'd need to note that it was totally, completely, nay, utterly off-topic. Since you're discussing a Marvel character anyway, though it's only totally off-topic instead.)

While browsing through your blog, I metaphorically saw you wondering why the Avengers have that name, since revenge is generally considered a bad thing.

if you read the last panel of Avengers #1 (1963), you will see exactly why the Avengers chose their name:

Because they thought it sounded cool.

And after more than forty years of comic book fandom, that is still one of the most realistic, human touches that I have EVER seen in a comic book. :-)


Scipio said...

"And after more than forty years of comic book fandom, that is still one of the most realistic, human touches that I have EVER seen in a comic book. :-)"

And a perfect example of why I read DC and not Marvel.

cybrid said...

Because of a story first published 59 years ago? Okay.

cybrid said...

Okay, THIS one us totally, completely, nay, utterly off-topic.

Has any story ever explained why Batman character Leslie Thompkins destroyed her medical license, put all of her money in a trust fund for Spoiler's child, and allowed Batman to believe that she was responsible for Spoiler's death (and tried to get him to kill her for her crime) when it turns out she, you know, WASN'T?

Anyone? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think the official answer on Leslie Tompkins was that she had to make Spoiler's faked death look really good, and part of that was to give every appearance of a remorseful doctor.

I mean, it was a pretty clumsy retcon, but given what it was fixing, it was the best they could do.

Anonymous said...

... maybe "clumsy" isn't the word I'm looking for so much as "blunt". It wasn't really clever or slick, just effective.

And it was effective enough to fix three problems at once:

1) Stephanie's death was undone.

2) Leslie's mischaracterization was undone.

3) Fans had long complained that Bruce had never put up a Stephanie memorial in the Bat Cave. The answer on that was, Bruce knew Stephanie wasn't dead (more blunt retcon), and he wasn't about to mourn as dead someone he knew was alive and safe.

A retcon that fixes three things in one shot ... that is some darn fine work.

cybrid said...

Thanks for the reply. :-) Have Batman and Leslie as much as spoken since Spoiler's return? I've been searching for such a story -- I'm just really wondering what they could possibly say to each other about it all -- and no luck so far. Maybe it's one of those deals where the writers just pretend it never happened.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the writers want to pretend it never happened. As with all retcons of this nature, the problem isn't the retcon (no matter how blunt or clunky) so much as the original writing mistakes. And I say "mistakes" is the right word; it's subjective, perhaps, but I have yet to meet the person who thinks killing Spoiler off and/or wrecking Dr Tompkins was a good thing.

cybrid said...

"I have yet to meet the person who thinks killing Spoiler off...was a good thing"

Have you met Scipio? ;-)


cybrid said...

additional off-topic although more on-topic than the previous off-topic since it at least refers to something on the Absorbascon itself:

While browsing posts that emerged for the keyword "Meltzer," I came across this line:

"Never, in all the hundreds of horror and Vertigo titles I have ever read, have I seen anything half as horrible as what Brad Meltzer had Roy do to his daughter."

Morbidly curious: What'd he do?

Scipio said...

No idea. Read her Green Arrow stories, I assume.