Tuesday, May 18, 2021

One Through Five: Second Story

In their second stories,


stops a war in the South American country of San Monte single-handedly.


hangs a man out a window to make him talk.

Wonder Woman

brings Steve Trevor back to Patriarch's World in her Invisible Plane

acquires a secret identity,

makes a bunch of money with a one-woman show,

saves Steve Trevor's life two more times,

uncovers and destroys an enemy chemical base.


sinks a pirate ship with its own torpedo.


saves a child's ring from a sewer, 

defeats criminal conjurer "The Brain" three times, and 

gets demeaned by Iris West, all before dinner.

Green Lantern

gets hit in the head with the Yellow Lamp.


John C said...

"We lamped him out!" How has nobody gone back to give this guy a costume? That seems like too DC a catchphrase to just be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

"The Yellow Lamp" is no "The Sign" as villains go. I'm just sayin'.

Daniel said...

I am...the Lamper. God gave me a gift. I lamp well. I lamp very well.