Friday, May 21, 2021

One Through Five: Fifth Story

In their fifth stories,


saves a train from a faltering bridge and townspeople from a faltering dam.


scares the city senseless

fights a gorilla

escapes from a death-trap

fights an even larger gorilla.

Wonder Woman

saves an American submarine twice and destroys a Nazi one.


saves a millionaire's life,

befriends a senator,

becomes a millionaire himself in order to solve a case,

saves the senator's daughter's life

exposes corruption in the shipping industry.


travels at the speed of light, 

goes to outer space, 

circumnavigate the moon, 

defeats Mr. Element, 

and gets chewed out by Iris West.

Green Lantern

defeats an empty uniform worn by the imaginary friend of an overworked scientist.


John C said...

"Don't thank me, sir. It was nothing. Literally." Ah, the second-dumbest reboot of Stanley and His Monster, and several years before the original, no less...

And I have to say, the silhouette on Iris's outfit might actually be more imposing than anything in the Bat-Family.

Bryan L said...

Here's hoping the next Aquaman movie will be based on this story.

Are we sure the "invisible destroyer" actually existed or did Hal get hit in the head at some point during this issue? And really, how many of Hal's "adventures" could be chalked up to head trauma and hallucinations?

Anonymous said...

Looking at these early Batman stories, I'm struck by how much leaner he was back then. It could almost be Dick Grayson. But we'd need to see his butt better to be sure.

-- Jack of Spades