Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Skipping over the highs and lows of the Supergirl show's season finale, let's go right to the cliffhanger at the end: the Kryptonian pod that lands on Earth, whose contents take Kara by surprise.

What COULD be in that pod? What do you think?

  1. Streaky.  Comic-book inaccurate, of course.  We all know Streaky was a terrestrial cat before he got superpowers as a result of Supergirl's scientific incompetence.
  2. Krypto.  Who I assume would be a black Lab.
  3. The Bottle City of Kandor.  Which would be stupid, of course. But deliciously so, and Supergirl could use more Silver Age nonsense.
  4. Young Kara herself.  As Flash teaches, "when in doubt, screw with viewers minds using time-travel."
  5. A brown wig with pigtails.
  6. Baby Kal-El.  That would be completely insane, but "Superman did something weird and flew himself backward along the time stream and is now Superbaby again" would be one way to explain why Superman never visits or helps Supergirl.
  7. Dick Malverne.  Because Supergirl needs Dick.
  8. Brainiac 5. Same reason.
  9. Beppo.  Hijinks ensue.
  10. Powergirl.  Because, despite all the 'girlpower' on the show, it really needs a 'broad'.
  11. Comet, the SuperPony.  Period.
  12. The body of the real Cat Grant, who was replaced years ago by Earth-4 Eobard Thawne.
  13. The show ratings.
  14. Grant Gustin.
  15. John Ostrander, actor.
  16. A headband.
  17. Mrs. Berkowitz, from Chicago.
  18. Pants.


Bryan L said...

My wife and daughter asked the same question. My answer was Krypto. I'm not sure they want to go that far, though. I suspect it will be another person, not an animal, which is unfortunate (I'd love it to be Krypto). I don't like vast numbers of Krypton survivors challenging either Kara or Kal. It just seems lazy to me.

Anonymous said...


Scipio said...

Oo, nice one.

Or perhaps a female version.


Anonymous said...

Puppies. Melissa Benoist + puppies = pure joy.

Just put that on a loop for an hour, I'll watch.

Sr. Favo said...

- The real Astra. Btw, turns out your adopted sister skewered your brainwashed mom lololololololol.
- Thara Ak-Var - AKA Flamebird! Nightwing (Chris Kent?) soon after. I would totally love a "mystical" arc where Kara's best friend from Krypton is the Flamebird. Season villain would probably be Blaze, Vohc the Builder or The Last Demon of Krypton from Superman #666.

SallyP said...

Please, please,please be Comet!

Riddering said...

It's Superboy! Project Cadmus replicated the pod and Superman's DNA so Kara has to deal with a teenage Kryptonian clone in jeans and a t-shirt.

But I will take any pod person/thing as long as it means there's a season 2.

Hoosier X said...

A Linda Lee robot
Lena Thorul
Ms. Mxyzptlk
Harriet Tubman

American Hawkman said...

Zor-El, who'll get his New52 transformation into the Cyborg Superman by combining him with the real Hank Henshaw by midseason.

John said...

So, having finally made time to watch the episode, my thinking (other than concluding that the monthly CBS All-Access price has been pretty much justified) is that the pod's payload needs to be Kryptonian (because the season has largely been about Kara losing her ties to Krypton, and a shallow misdirection would be lame) and needs to be able to support the second season (since wasting a cliffhanger on a two-episode story seems pointless), which probably rules out Superboy, Mon-El/Halk-Kar, or a super-pet. And I think I read Berlanti (or one of the bigwigs) hinting that there may be another crossover next season on Flash's side, but in a different way, which suggests that Power Girl could alreadly be in play over on "Earth-1."

It seems to me that the most story potential (especially if next season is primarily "The Search for Dean Cain's Beard") would probably be squeezed out of a powerless but resurrected Allura or Astra. And it looks like Benanti's current Broadway run ends over the summer, too, conveniently enough. Zor-El might be obvious, too, but with Jeremiah and an outed Hank, that might be too much fathering for a successful, overtly feminist show...unless maybe that's the personal conflict replacing what's lost at the healthier work environment and relationship with James.

Or maybe it's a rugged, space-faring Harrison Ford character who shall not be named for fear of offending the competition's parent company! Or just Harrison Ford looking for that date with Cat...

Sr. Favo said...

I read a pretty good reasoning that the previous section was all about familial relationships between women - sisters and mothers and aunts and so on.

The building theme on the next season seems to be fathers - There's J'onn, the search for Jeremiah Danvers, and so going with this theme, the possible person in the pod would be Zor-El - but if its the real Zor-El or Zor-El as the Cyborg-Superman, that I don't know.