Thursday, April 02, 2015

Trickster's Warehouse

The Trickster's Prop Warehouse from the 1990 series ("Revenge of the Trickster"):

The Trickster's Prop Warehouse from the 2015 series ("Tricksters"):


They didn't have to do that.


Bryan L said...

I'm enjoying the hell out of this show. Stuff like that is just icing on the cake.

John said...

Yeah, they do a solid job. Between that and Tina McGee, I'm tempted to wonder if we're going to find out that Henry knew darn well what would happen to his kid. Barry's just about twenty-five, no?

Their "attention to detail" score did go down a few points by "H. Wells" not being an alias, though.

Incidentally, here's what we miss by not watching on TV:

CobraMisfit said...

The attention to detail, easter eggs, and tips of the hat to the comics/90s show are examples of why this series is hitting it out of the park.

If only we could do something about Iris....

Scipio said...

What? She's mean. self-centered, an unpalatable.

How much more comic-accuracy do you want?!

John said...

I hate to admit it, but I actually like this Iris. Yes, she's with someone who isn't our hero while he pines for her. But that's not exactly her problem and Barry lays a lot on her in (albeit understandably) the most selfish ways possible.

On the flip side, despite being an incompetent who only has a career because of a presumed conflict of interest, she's trying to grow and build a life for herself.

Compare her to, say, Caitlin. Panabaker's a surprisingly good actress and squeezes everything she can out of her role, but there's not a whole lot to the character except for "more or less widowed" and "really smart."

Unknown said...

With all the tips of the hat to the 90s show, I wonder why they said James Jesse had been active 20 years earlier, rather than 25.

Anonymous said...

I'm just having no success getting into the "Flash" TV show. Even when they bring in the Trickster / Mark Hamill, all it does is remind me of this: