Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Under the Dome

"Went to post something about a new comic this afternoon.  But of course... there weren't any.  I had forgotten.  Again.

DomesDay 42.  Still trapped. Trapped in a world where no new real comics come out.  Comixology, uselesss.  My blogging powers-- and everyone else's-- gone.  

We've all had to adapt, but with no new information or entertainment coming in from the outside-- if there IS an outside -- we've had to make do with old comics. Old stories, recycled.  Some have tried telling new stories with old abandoned characters but it's all so...hollow. Like the dome of the universal crossover that has converged on us all.

As bad as the isolation is, it's not the worst thing. The worst thing is the not knowing. Not knowing whats's on the other side of the dome.  Will our familiar world be restored to us? Or a whole new one? Will it have a place for us?

Somewhere I used to have a picture of me. A happy me, ready to spend his money on the week's new comics, enjoying the present, eager for the future.  But, sometime over the last 42 days, I lost it. I've searched and searched... in vain.  

And now it's even fading from my memory.  

Maybe I -- all of us -- will adapt.  Or maybe we'll just be replaced...."


Bryan L said...

You do look very happy to be handing over your money. Those were the days, my friend.

My LCS staff has been taking an informal poll, and so far most people absolutely HATE Convergence. I fear I spat my own share of venom when asked for my opinion.

SallyP said...

The... the lack of Green Lanterns is starting to make me crack. I sit in a huddle on the floor and whimper..." butts... butts..."... over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

Ya big weirdo.

When "Convergence" is over I hope we get the Scipio who has time to blog more and finds it a fulfilling pursuit, not that I'm picky. I've generally been pretty happy with all the Scipios, even if 90s Scipio wore too many straps and pouches.

Scipio said...

I'm trying to make sense of the phrase "TOO MANY straps and pouches." vain.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not that the 90s costume had too many straps and pouches, so much as they also did away with the chaps. And gave you bicycle pants.

John said...

I don't know about hollow; there's a guy a few bottles over with a Red Bee/Cinderella/Sherlock Holmes series with stick-figure art that's not so bad. "Bee Holmes in Time for Dinner," I think. I mean, at least it's not "famous heroes fight each other." Who would publish something like that, right?

More seriously, I've always been disappointed in DC's neglect of stories about how normal people deal with the weirdness of their world. Even ignoring the religious, scientific, and technological implications of the presence of living in the same world as superheroes, seeing what it's like for the man on the street to live through continuity reboots, get trapped in a bottle for a few months, or the fight down the street is more exciting than the latest summer blockbuster.

Still, either way, did that "Arena" series sell so well that they needed a new one?

CobraMisfit said...

So drab here under the dome.

If only Braniac was fabulous....

Slaughter said...

Telos is suck a 'blocker, stopped Superboy from becoming a SuperMAN early in the future.

Convergence: JLA has some mad RESPEC for Detroit League, tho.

A lot of super-heroes went loony and cranky under the dome. Detroit League hit the gym and bids their time. Badass.

Steve Mitchell said...

"The worst thing is the not knowing."

The Marvel fans are saying much the same thing.

Dan P said...

After looking at a few of these Convergence titles, I have come to this conclusion...

...they are intentionally poorly done to make us hate old continuity.

Detroit league? Harpoon-Aquaman? Giving Atom Elongated Man's powers? Geez.

Alex Ross's JUSTICE shows how awesome the SA/BA continuity was. Convergence is designed as a counter-argument against anyone who dislikes the New52-verse.