Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Martian Manhunter Museum, Part I

The Martian Manhunter is, as discussed, envious. Green with envy; he has to be able to do anything anyone else can do. 

"If I can't fly NO ONE GETS TO FLY!!!!"

But J'onn's not vain.  Superman is vain.


In fact, considering that J'onn can do, well, anything, he's fairly modest. So we can only assume that he was just being polite in not stopping some MM fanboy from making a museum full of damning evidence on how to defeat him.

What kind of person does such a thing?

Jonn's at the opening day of the museum in his honor, hoping to pick up some sweet Martian Manhunter action figures.

Of course J'onn's there.  What else has he got to do?

Nice swag, Mr B! Thanks! I don't know why Dennis disses you.

"Here our model J'onn shows off the latest in Martian-wear; pirate boots are in on the canals, girls!"

Hm. A 'plastic dummy', rather than, say, a statue?  Odd. Mr. Bean may be loaded, but cheap.  Regardless, he's extremely (a) lucky and (b) focused, because apparently he spends all his time running around Apex with his camera, hoping to catch MM in action...and succeeding.

Remember, everything in Apex has a LOCATION.

Naturally, the Martian Manhunter shows up because, like Mr. Bean, he has nothing else to do.

Because one iron pipe through the engine simply wouldn't do.

"How do you think he'll capture those crooks, folks?"  Duh.  The same way the Martian Manhunter does everything: in the least direct way possible, of course.  As you surely realize, JJ was trying to avoid the flaming garbage can nearby. In his museum, Bean has unwittingly accumulated lots of evidence of the Manhunter's vulnerability to fire.

Why leap, J'onn? Ah, right; you can't fly. Pity.

Ah, Martian breath...

 "Why did the Martian Manhunter use such a complicated stunt, Mr. Bean?"

Naturally, some smart crook deduces from all this evidence that the Martian Manhunter is vulnerable to fire and plans accordingly.

Gulp, indeed.

What do "flame-throwing helmets' look like?  Find out tomorrow.


John said...

Are you sure J'Onn isn't going after Katar for his sartorial sense? On Earth-1, the nipply harness look started on Mars, not ancient Egypt.

Also, that guy joining Detective Jones at the plastic dummy exhibit (which is apparently a thing) is seriously creeping me out. there a reason that there's a flaming trash barrel out on the sidewalk in front of what I assume is a business in the middle of the day? Or did things like that just...happen, back in the '60s?

Scipio said...

John; it was winter. That's the excuse one used to need for a lit garbage can.

Redforce said...

I didn't know Rowan Atkinson was such a Martian Manhunter fan!

John said...

Gotcha. I always assumed you did things like that in back-alleys, is all, with homeless people huddled around them for warmth, rather than just the one guy pretending to not care. But I guess Apex doesn't tolerate such antiquated class distinctions.

That must be why the guy with the hat is so happy.

Redforce said...

By the way, aren't the 'Flame-throwing Helmets' a gay motorcycle club?

SallyP said...

May I just say that the scan of J'onn punching Hackman right in the kisser fills me with righteous delight.