Friday, April 06, 2012

Fictionopolis Skylines #2

The second in a series. This is, as I hope you will recognize, Metropolis and Central City.

If anyone thinks, by the way, that I am exaggerating the Central City skyline: you're wrong. That skyline is directly copied from a Carmine Infantino-drawn Flash story.

You'll notice that I am using similar styles, colors, and effects across the series to help them tie in together. I think this will improved the effect when the entire triptych is hung.


SallyP said...

Beautiful! You have captured the awesome immensity of Central City. And Metropolis just looks so...bright.

Scipio said...

Thanks. Sally .
Using only. The colors of the hero's costume is part of the challenge.

Nathan Hall said...

When do we see Apex City?

Scipio said...

LOL, unfortunately, you won't. The next and final poster will be Washington DC and Amnesty Bay, for Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

tad said...

Really nice, Scipio.

Scipio said...

Thank you, Tad!

I have now altered the Metropolis segment to include an elevated train, which is very "Metropolitan" and helps break up the relentless wall of yellow. Also highlights Superman's speed, since the locomotive seems stationary by comparison.