Thursday, April 05, 2012

Fictionopolis Skylines #1

You may remember that a while a go, I made some "travel posters" for famous DC cities. I enjoyed those, but lately I've wanted to revisit the idea, amp it up a bit, and use it as the basis for some art for my home. I have some BIG EMPTY walls crying out for some oomphy art.

This is the first in that series: "DC Fictionopolis Skylines #1".

It's not two sideways posters; it's one 2'x3' poster with two panels. The resolution here on the blog may not be ideal, but they are designed at print size, so I know that the images will be crisp when I have them actually made.

As I'm hoping I don't need to tell you, it depicts Gotham City and Coast City. There will be two more in the series. I'm either going to print them as posters at PosterBrain or just go straight to print-on-canvas.


Bryan L said...

Nice! I've been wanting to create a Gotham backdrop for my action figure display. I may plagiarize yours, if you don't mind. Hadn't thought of Coast City, though. I assume Metropolis is forthcoming?

Scipio said...

Certainly! If you give me your real email address, I'd be happy to mail you the file.

And yes, the "Metropolis & Central City" poster is soon forthcoming.

SallyP said...


(and thank you for including GL!)

Nathan Hall said...

I'd love to see Keystone City and Central City united by a bridge with a red streak shooting across it.

Anonymous said...

Now that all six of them are up, I can pick a favorite: Coast City. Besides the design elements of the reflection in the water and the diagonal of the green energy, there is the starry night sky. But you didn't opt for just a standard pleasant background of stars; you went for so many that the stars take on equal significance to the city. Which is really what the "Green Lantern" comic is about. Nicely done!

Scipio said...

Heh, thanks for noticing that; I had to give some thought how to show both GL's terrestrial and extra-terrestrial roles. Once I thought of showing Coast City at NIGHT, the answer was easy.

I think my favorite is Central City. It's just so stark, so simple, so unmistakable.