Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Grim and Forbidding Haiku

It's Haikuesday at the Absorbascon, and this week, with only a little bit of careful listening, our haiku came to us readily from the evil lips of Sirena, Empress of the Planetoid Sargasso.

This poem is called...


He can go nowhere.

Now Green Lantern will surely

come for these earthmen.

So nihilistic. So fatalistic. So hopeless! Some Blue Lantern needs to kick her butt. Not that they do that, of course. Perhaps they could just inspire the crap out of her; it would serve her right.

What haiku can you compose about Sirena or how here attempt to conquer by capturing Green Lantern was foiled by Kairo the Venusian Helper and Beefy the Space-Owl?


SallyP said...

Gah! You are demanding poetry from me while I'm having hysterics? No Fair!

Andrew Miller said...

Gerald Mohr and the
Angry Birds team up, fight evil.
Dynamic duo!

Anonymous said...

If only Hal had
worn the giant sombrero,
his head would be safe.

Noah said...

This show makes no sense.
This show makes no goddamn sense.
No sense. None at all.

Bryan L said...

Sirena's darkness
Spreads through Sargasso unchecked
Save us all, Beefy!

Mount up, brave Kairo!
Hal must soar into battle
He needs some action.

Scipio said...

These are some impressive creations.

We really need to consider putting out a poetry book some time....