Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go-To Guys

All heroes/villains are not interchangeable. Oh, back in the day, perhaps, there was an almost disturbing similarity between characters; every hero was pretty much the same as every other, just with different abilities. Villains sometime had a theme that helped distinguish them from one another, but that seldom amounted even to a difference in style let alone substance.

Nowadays, we've put some more tools in our literary toolbox to make the writers' job easier. Not only are there varied heroes, villains, and secondary characters, but many are specialized tools for special jobs. They are the "go-to guys" of comics, and deserved to be recognized as such.

For example: you want to write a story where crazy, impossible things happen, particularly ones that are cool to draw like protagonistic dismorphia. And you may to set a bizarre situation or problem to solve, not just a simple bank robbery. But in the end you still need a villain who can be taken out with a punch in the jaw. Who do you go to....?

Abra Kadabra.

He's as goofy or as terrifying as you need him to be!

Let's see, with Abra Kadabra I can...
turn Superman into a puppet

turn Jay into a turtle

and force heroes to race to their deaths.

And why...? That's the
best part. Abra Kadabra's motivation is the same as the writer's:

he just wants you to be entertained.

Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for our first Go-To Guy: Abra Kadabra.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pep 19: Ten Signs

10 cover signs you are losing control of your comic book.

Some guy dressed like Batman gets a more dramatic entrance.

Instead of fighting bizarrely garbed freaks you're fighting slow-moving extras from the Sound of Music.

Your sidekick looks bored silly and disgusted with it all.

You're not Aquaman, but you're still guarding submarines.

Your opponents don't outnumber you.

The artist feels the need to draw motion lines.

You keep forgetting to point your toes.

The text warns criminals about the guy dressed like Batman, instead of you.

Your main activity is falling.

Sunday, May 10, 2009