Monday, May 18, 2009

Pep 20: Great fiery swastikas!

Pep Comics heroes do not mess around, boy.

If you are an evildoer they will not waste time in fisticuffs or badinage. They will not trouble to take you to the police. They will not have harsh words with your parole officer or your parents.

They will simply chain you in a pit, and set a crushing, oily iron swastika on top of you. Then they'll set it on fire.

And just stand there and watch.

Do not mess with Pep Comics heroes.


TotalToyz said...

I don't know; looking at the cover, I'm not sure it's not supposed to represent the Shield, Dusty, and Hangman racing to the rescue of the millions held under the oppression of the swastika.

(But then, I think the Mona Lisa is smirking because she just cut an SBD.)

John said...

I like to think that the Nazis accidentally tipped it onto themselves (like the guy on the vending machine warning signs) and the heroes are lending them a hand. I mean, those poor Nazis always get the short end of the stick. What'd they ever do to anybody?

Really? All that?

OK, then. Thematically, wouldn't it be more appropriate for the Shield to (ahem) put out the fire for them?

SallyP said...

And chain you up too. A nice little extra touch.

Is Dusty's cape permanently starched up like that?

Anonymous said...

Actually the Shield is just dancing a little dance as he watches people burn to death in his Nazi Death Furnace.

Scipio said...

Dancing no doubt to disco versions of Sousa songs.

TotalToyz said...

disco versions of Sousa songs.

I was going to comment on what an absurd concept that is. And then I remembered Walter Murphy's A Fifth Of Beethoven. Still absurd; just not implausible.

Scipio said...

in case never noticed,

every Village People song...

is a march.

That's why you can't dance to them.

TotalToyz said...

No, I never did notice that. But then, I never noticed that Redbone's Come And Get Your Love is set to a Native American tribal chant until it was pointed out to me. My ear is so tin you could pack sardines in it.