Thursday, June 02, 2005

More than he seams

spectre seamster
Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
I love the Golden Age.

After Jim Corrigan dies, chats with God, discovers he has supernatural powers, and disintegrates his enemies, what does he do?

Sews himself a costume.

On panel.

Which is odder? That he wears a costume, that he can't simply "poof" one up, or that hard-boiled detective Jim Corrigan is an expert seamster?


Kurt said...

And he did such a bang up job that both Hal Jordan and whatever the current Spectre is are keeping the look. Green hooded cape and Peter Pan booties. Classy and timeless.

Scipio said...

Perhaps God does have a sense of humor?

Shon Richards said...

Back in the Golden age real men knew how to sew.

Scipio said...

Had to.

"Honey, will you sew me a costume that looks like this drawing, after which I'll use my powers/this Kryptonian amnesium/a front lobotomy to erase your memory or perhaps simply kill you to protect my secret identity and those whom I cherish, like you?"

Shon Richards said...

Had to.

In the Golden Age, real men knew they had to kill/perform tricky brain surgey/use strange elements to keep a secret.

Besides, he's the Spectre. He can do all three at the SAME time.

djdj said...

I resolve to learn how to sew now. I can't even darn a sock. I guess I'll never fight crime.