Thursday, May 07, 2009

Citiizen Superhero!

Citizens! A school teacher needs your help!

My friend Travis Greenlee is a civics teacher who's using superheroes as a way to teach civic responsibility to the young. How very laudable!

His "Citizen Superhero" project is in its infancy and could use some babysitting.

1. If you are a teacher or know a teacher who might be interested in Travis's project, please contact Travis.

2. Check out Travis's blog, Citizen Supehero, and add it to your feeds.

3. Travis needs as many superhero quotes as you can give him, quotes wherein heroes talk about responsibility, and society, and why they do what they do. Travis is not as well-versed in comics as you are; please harness your expertise to his efforts.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Pep 18: Who IS that poor guy?

Wow; is this the perfect Pep cover or what?

The centerpiece is, of course, the Shield entering from Stage Right, as usual, and on and oddly slack rope. He's mated again (third time now!) with that poor green schmuck with the pointy ears and purple dress.

Who is that poor guy? A heavily tanned Vulcan stranded on earth due to his illogical fashion choices? A deformed Coluan B&D master? The love-child of Killer Croc and Black Adam, wearing Catwoman's hand-me-downs? And what did he do to deserve drubbing by the Shield, on three covers, no less? Don't just sit there, Geoff Johns; give him a tragic backstory!

Regardless, the Shield's got him trapped in the steel thighs of justice and you know what that means: a steaming dose of the Shield's patented Minction Method of punishing the wicked, symbolized by the usual pale yellow stream from above. Open wide, evil-doer, and drown in the waste-product of decent society! Oh, but for the full scene, kiddies, you have to buy the comic!

One wonders, however, whether elf-ears will really mind. Given the scene he's currently engaged in with Little Miss Push-Up swinging in the background with her Ankleweights of Naughtiness, he may actually be into that sort of thing! Rumor has it, William Moulton Marston had a subscription to Pep.

And poor Dusty! With the advent of the Hangman, he's lost his post on "Crashing In" duty, and has been relegated to grappling with the towelboy. "And stay down!" "I was already down, sir!" "SHUT UP!"

Last, our new addition, the Hangman. When you're a crazed, bloodthirsty vigilante, dressed almost exactly like the villain, you can sometimes forget that you don't actually have any superpowers and wind up crashing through ceilings made of stone...