Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Different Kind of Free Comic Book Day

Sure, it was a bad hair day yesterday, but I still managed to drop off $700 worth of comics each to Children's Hospital and the local USO. Most of the comics aren't pictured; they aren't that expensive yet!

This donation was made possible by the kind folks who participated in the Big Monkey Benefit Party, either by buying things at the party or making a contribution from afar.

At both facilities our contacts were delighted by the contribution, assuring us that such donations are of great value to the kids and soldiers. In fact, at the Children's Hospital we were shown that some of the waiting rooms are decorated with large images of comic book heroes, and that they are used to inspired the children to be brave while visiting.

Both CH and the USO are happy to serve as hubs for distributing our contributions to the various hospitals and clinics they operate in the metro-area. They are eager for as much as we can give them, so Big Monkey is hoping to have another benefit party soon, which we hope you can attend.

P.S. I got my haircut last night.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comic books this week.

  • Always good to see Wonder Woman versus a nuclear missile.
  • A visit from Cabal. Okay, that's actually something that happened in my comic book store, but that's close enough.
  • 57 cents.
  • Ah, so THAT's why Thom got a job as a gravedigger. Wasn't expecting that. But, as always, Brainy forced it to make sense.
  • Superman was fascinating this week, without a Superman at all. Robinson, doing what he does best, has made Metropolis and its characters come alive.
  • Whoa. Magical Siamese elephants.
  • The Riddler starts Gotham Sirens, I see... .
  • The nameless tombstone.
  • "Another room full of ice. I'm starting to sense a pattern." I always loved that little guy!
  • A dog in a dentist's office is one thing; but an owl...?
  • Orange versus Blue and Green. With Violet and Red and Yellow lurking in the wings. Oh, this is going to be one sweet and pretty war... .
  • "I followed it step-by-step with little success." Not only one of my favorite character's but one of comics' greatest comedians.
  • Eating the candles.
  • The power of Lex Luthor's hair.
  • T.O. Morrow might destroy you, but he doesn't want to see you cry.
  • Al makes Grant sing.
  • "Leviathan, is that you?" Yeah, I cried.
  • Okay, that return/reveal was definitely worth a two-page spread.
  • "Everyone like ice cream."
  • Tellus.
  • While Two-Face was poorly characterized in Gotham Underground, everyone else was just great, and I enjoy their interaction.
  • That's... not what I expected from the Time Trapper.
  • Ares' gift looks... unpleasant.
  • Zatara vs. Jimmy Olsen; advantage, Olsen.
  • Hal's attitude toward "stealth" as a "superpower".
  • And, of course, it's good to see Central City still looking as ridiculous as ever, just as it should...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Star Trek

I seldom discuss anything not directly related to comics on this blog, but I can't help myself:

I really liked the new Star Trek movie!

Now, I'm not going to say, "IT ROCKED: IT WAS GREAT!" Because then this will devolve into a definition of "good", and some Trek-geek will tell me that it was crap because the directors clearly forgot that Scotty was left-handed or some such nonsense. The film did rock and it was great, but I'm not going to go there. Suffice it to say, I loved it.

The Star Trek mythos is one that, like those of the great comic book heroes (see? you knew I'd find a comic book connection...), is one that developed over several decades. But for all the expansiveness of its storytelling, it remained rooted in one spot for one reason: the original characters were completely linked to the actors who originated the roles. As long as that was the case, Star Trek, while an astonishing franchise, hadn't really become myth. "Jim Kirk" was William Shatner. Now that character (and each of the others) stands apart as an indepedent entity it a way it never has.

And how thick IS Chris Pine's neck? Yeesh, that's hot! Forget, Dorothy; let me surrender.

Kudos to the casting director and the actors; they do excellent work in embodying the characters rather than imitating or parodying them. I would have preferred a much more, hm, "womanly" version of Uhura, but balancing that out, Chekov is simply adorable. I defy you not to love him.

I thought the movie expertly balanced the need to have familiar touchstones for the traditionalist fans as well as appropriate updates for a new audience. In fact, I can imagine that someone who had zero knowledge of any of the Star Trek series would still enjoy this rollicking space opera.

Anyway, I shan't indulge in any spoilers, for there are more than a few surprises the Star Trek film. It certainly has refreshed the franchise for me. Not only will I see this film again, I can't wait to see where the next one leads.

Pep 17: Hanging Out

From Pep Comics solicits...

"Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! In this issue, while visiting an excessively castellated Ren Fair, the Shield becomes frickin' enormous-- through sheer force of will! Will his increased size be enough to save Dusty from that evil dry-cleaner, 'the Starcher', who's attacked his cape?

"Plus, we introduce the Hangman, the Caped Crusader of Capital Punishment! Coming soon for kids on the Cartoon Network: Hangman, The Grave & The Cold!"