Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Wait... David Seville is Armenia's UN ambassador? That actually makes sense.
  • Well, there's the line where Kryptonian tough love turns to just plain bad parenting.
  • Acorns? How very... thematic.
  • Arkillo's necklace.
  • Aquaman brings his trident to UN meetings? Probably in case the Australia rep gets out of line.
  • *Giggle*! You can't "decimate each and every"; do DC writers no longer own dictionaries?
  • Ah, the elegant simplicity of the Gamma Gong.
  • Ah... Sinestro's daughter! Interesting.
  • Hey, is Oracle's friend the guy who posed for the Big Belly Burger logo?
  • Flash, the World's Fastest Statue.
  • Fear keeps the Daxamites in check ... just as it always has.
  • Step by step we get closer to her walking again.
  • Kangaroos that say "HOLA!"
  • Giant ants. Always a winner.
  • Blue Man Group. Heh.
  • An autographed picture of Starro...?!
  • 7734. Clever.
  • That's a big snake. A really BIG snake.
  • Nice to see Kanjar Ro get some sweet, sweet octopus love.
  • Attempt raped of paraplegics. Always a winner.


TotalToyz said...

Maybe he meant "decapitate" each and every. "Decimate" means to reduce by one-tenth, and the head takes up roughly one-tenth of the average person's height, so that would technically be accurate.

SallyP said...

Ah Sinestro...who would've thought you had it in you.

The snake was nice though. And yes,Daxamites are losers.

Martin Gray said...

Did I miss a kanga? Super Friends, maybe?