Monday, April 13, 2009

Pep 14: I think the blind guy nodded off

Okay, let's go down the Pep Cover checklist, shall we?

  • Yellow background?
  • Pulp-style posing and grimacing?
  • Thematic setting?
  • Dusty flying through the air?
  • Odd muddle of male villains, masked or hooded?
  • Threatening phallic weapons, suggestively poised?
  • The Shield grape-vining in from Stage Right with his Ready To Hit You pose?
  • Random lady strapped down and in danger?
  • Promo for strangely irrelevant co-feature?


But, wow... helpless blind guy in wheelchair? Now that's over the top!


SallyP said...

Sheesh, Dusty IS flying in again. He seems to do that an awful lot.

As the battle is commencing, can't you jsut see that poor blind guy, sitting there and yelling "what, what?" the whole time.

TotalToyz said...

If I know my Golden-Age comics, that "poor blind guy" turned out to be the fully-sighted mastermind of the whole criminal operation.

Citizen Scribbler said...

I love how he's actually got a sign that reads "Please Help, I'm Blind". Gotta love those Golden Age preconceptions of differently abled people being utterly helpless. Age the Doom Patrol's Chief thirty years and take away his sight and he'd still be one of the most dangerous people in the room for my money.

Of course, the sign could read "Please help THE blind" and the help he's asking for is of the economic variety, which is something you can still see on the streets every day.

And "Danny In Wonderland" sounds highly interesting to me.

-Citizen Scribbler

Scipio said...

"Danny in Wonderland where the Queen of the Fairies whisks Danny off to a magical land. In his first story, he manages to burn an evil giant to death. He has a dog named Snapper and acquires a dwarf named Kupkake as a companion."


TotalToyz said...

Sounds like a great set-up for Vertigo Visions: Danny in Wonderland to me.

Dougie said...

In a Dan Didio comic, Snapper would most probably eat Kupkake.