Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • Black Adam needs a trip to Mattress Discounters.
  • Manhunter + Blue Beetle = Great Happiness.
  • "I don't need a translator." Mr. Terrific and Amazing Man are my new favorite comic book comedy duo!
  • Nightwing fighting fire with fire.
  • Jonah Hex versus One of Those Women From Love & Rockets.
  • Hey, I guess it's the modern "Mystery Analysts of Gotham"!
  • Ryan Choi was particularly disarming this month.
  • Finally getting to see Damage's face. Sigh!
  • Ramsey's great-grandparents.
  • The giant octopus that doesn't do anything.
  • Now we know where the spooky lighting is coming from in DC's latest series of house ads.
  • Nick, isn't that gun a bit extreme, even for you?
  • The Atomic Skull taking a face-plant into wet cement.
  • Detective Comics being full of detectives and detecting.
  • Esteban's insightful and cogent explanation of the appeal of bullfighting (and most reality tv progamming).
  • LOTS of neck-snapping in Secret Invasion! Sigh; I guess you need to read DC if you want a decent decapitation... .
  • Jonah puts up with a lot of bull.
  • Jarvis's polite request.
  • Having Nightwing fight an old Black Condor foe? Ingenious!
  • "I'm a giant sea monster of the depths. It's what I do."
  • Batman in a Chat Room.
  • Dr. Choi's savior. Both of them, really.
  • Dylan receives a package, and all that it implies. Shudder.
  • Concerning the House Ad for Uncanny X-Men #500: so, do all of Marvel's female characters seem like drag queens, or what?
  • Nightwing doing snappy patter during fight scenes... in his head. Why aren't you reading Nightwing, people?
  • Todd Rice flying a helicopter makes me hot. Or doing anything else, really.
  • House of Mystery = the new Sandman.
  • Kr'ali Stark...?!
  • Fabulous two-page synopsis of Manhunter-so-far.
  • "I heard they were developing her for HBO." Priceless!
  • Batman can't save everyone, particularly not from themselves.
  • "This one's on me." Oh, Jonah, you slay me (and most of your supporting cast!).


Anonymous said...

Finally getting to see Damage's face. Sigh!

Please don't tell me he's got just one little scar and is too vain to deal with it. That was old when John Byrne stole it from Jim Aparo.

Batman in a Chat Room.

BBOY987: What are you wearing?
IMBTMN: Kevlar body armor. Black leather cape. Belt with pouches to carry sleeping gas, handcuffs, ropes...
BBOY987: Ever been to Baltimore??

Anonymous said...

How about The Bug's Unvictorious Poster?
Ambush Bug Year None coming in July

Scipio said...

As I much as I detest Ambush Bug, I did mention his House Ad in my list this week...!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been reading Nightwing, so what would be a good issue to start?

lou said...

Concerning the House Ad for Uncanny X-Men #500: so, do all of Marvel's female characters seem like drag queens, or what?

Heh. That's why I have been saying that the X-Ladies will be a hit once they make the move to San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Start your "Nightwing" about five issues back -- that's when Peter Tomasi started writing, and it's the start of this "Free Fall" arc that we're currently in.

Scipio got me reading "Nightwing" and I'm glad he did -- this is indeed the optimistic young daredevil grown up and responsible. (I don't don't mean responsible in a Marv Wolfman way; what I mean is, he knows what he's doing and doesn't make careless mistakes.) And there has been at least one completely awesome moment in each issue, which is all I can ask for in a comic.

CandidGamera : said...

Scipio, how can you detest Ambush Bug? You otherwise seem to have such impeccable taste..

Anonymous said...

For some reason, Jonah Hex's Bible lesson was my favorite moment so far this week.

SallyP said...

Not a huge week for me, but what there was, was pretty good. Manhunter was indeed fabulous...LOVE the Great Grandparents. It was so nice to see Obsidian DOING something...not to mention Jaime.

Jonah Hex vs Love & Rockets? Perfect. He did have a lot of excellent one-liners in this issue.

My only disappointment was that Black Adam yelled SHAZAM instead of CHOCOLATE EGG CREAM! I guess I can understand why he'd change it, but really...that was pretty classic!

Riddering said...

Dylan's gift marks the first time in my DC reading experience I've actually felt exactly what I should feel for that particular character: complete and total fear. So, hurrah!

I am reading Nightwing and I hope Tomasi never leaves the title.

Anonymous said...

I attended a bullfight as a young lad and all I saw were a gang of cowards hiding behind partitions who would run out occasionally to poke an already drugged-up beast.

What I wanted to see was like something in last week's issue of TOR, when he fights the tiger. Now THAT was manly!

And the final issue of the JLU. Don't know why they made G'nort's uncle a traitor, but it was good to see them anyhow.

-Citizen Scribbler