Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Batman wearing a bubble helmet. Gotta love that.
  • Gee, with Vixen able to copy all the powers of the other JLA members, it's almost as they're trying to convince us we won't need the Martian Manhunter any more, huh?
  • Wonder Woman's earrings are now part of Green Arrow's Rogue's Gallery. I don't think I've ever even liked Green Arrow before, but, for today at least, I love him for saying that...
  • Oceanus? Long time, no see!
  • Orion being clever and relying on Superman's intelligence rather than his strength.
  • Wonder Girl's mom used to hook up with the Olympian? Hot.
  • The Return of Queen Killer Shark.
  • Aquaman's little lesson about companionship to the young sidekicks. Aquaman formed the Teen Titans!
  • Wait... so does that mean Misfit's power is ... MAGIC?!
  • Speaking of the Martian Manhunter... as we've noted before, it's never enough for J'onn. That's why he decided to make himself the only hero on a planetful of supervillains. Couldn't he have just been satisfied with the Human Squirrel and the Human Flame?
  • I don't think I've ever been the least bit afraid of Wally West, in any way. Until he said... "One more time, Jai?" Now, that is scary, folks.
  • Extraterrestrial robot yetis.
  • Live Wire, living up to her potential.
  • Speaking of the Human Flame... you didn't miss his cameo in Brave & the Bold did you?
  • Batman seeing through Waller like a pane of glass while Wonder Woman and Superman stand there like slack-jawed super-apes.
  • Meeting the Silent Knight; never heard of him before!
  • "Ohhh-kay." I think that's the first time I've ever liked Red Tornado!
  • The JLA's fight with the Suicide Squad basically being, "Get out; now." Just as it should be.
  • The amazing image that came to my mind when Red Arrow said there'd been a strange Vibe between him and Vixen lately...! Ay, papi!
  • The Golden Eye of Effron. Shudder.
  • When Wonder Girl finally talks with Wonder Woman and gets, not want she wants to hear, but what she needs to her.
  • Good riddance! And if I never see him and his ridiculous portable harness with built-in Astro-Glide, it'll be too soon.
  • Aqualad, getting soundly dissed by the cool sidekicks, like the big-headed, purple-eyed, ichthyophobic freak that he is.
  • "Couldn't find his earrings." Funniest sentence you'll read all month.


Marcos said...

Never heard of the Silent Knight? But he was in the very first issue of B and B!


And the surname wasn't a retcon reveal; that's always been his name.

This is why I love the current Brave and Bold title. Respect for history! Get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!

Unknown said...

Extraterrestrial robot yetis.

I dunno how I missed alien squatch-bots, but I MUST know where they appeared! I beg of you!

Scipio said...

They were in The Flash.

Anonymous said...

Oceanus? Was this the Oceanus from Mera's homeworld?

Golden Eye of Effron? As in Effron the Sorcerer, who twice fought Superman and Green Arrow in the 70s?

SallyP said...

Wonder Woman's earrings were FABULOUS! I really hope that they keep them...just to piss off Green Arrow.

And yeah, the Teen Titans were almost as obnoxious as those snotty Leaguers...with their cliques and fancy clubhouse! Be nice to Garth! He has special needs!

Rob S. said...

The Golden Eye of Effron was last scene in the commentary track to the When Harry Met Sally DVD.

Anonymous said...

Silent Knight's also one of the Hawkman previous incarnations...

Anonymous said...

The Brave & The Bold was all sorts of goodness this week.

Anonymous said...

I read Brave and the Bold this week; stopped dead on the scene where the Titans are obnoxious to Garth and thought "Scipio's going to get SOOOOO much mileage out of this."

Unknown said...

Wonder Girl's mom hooking up with the Olympian? Sort of a step down from her affair with ZEUS, isn't it?

Chance said...

Boo, I say Boooooo, to inflating Vixen's powers beyond her original and logical design!

Also, Animal Man is better, no matter how much they try to make Vixen powerful or cool.

Luke said...

Katana's jungle camo.
Iron Man's tactical black hole.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance to who? You left out who you were good riddancing.

Scipio said...

Intentionally; because that would be a spoiler. But if you don't get the portable harness/Astroglide reference then you probably won't care that this character is gone anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hey I know that you primarily read DC, but have you chacked out Incredible Hercules? It's a strong series that I think you might get a kick out of.

Also: The Batman volcano moment was incredibly enjoyable, though for a second I thought Paul Dini was writing

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate New Gods so much, Scipio? They are some of the best characters in the DC!
If you want them dead, them I want a character that you like dead! Die, Hawkman!

And have you heard about the Human Flame and how Morrison is going to use him?

and there's some to post without having to be google/blogger, have openId or something? Just with my name and all?

Scipio said...

You can post with open ID! It's an option below...

Will said...

"Gee, with Vixen able to copy all the powers of the other JLA members, it's almost as they're trying to convince us we won't need the Martian Manhunter any more, huh?"

Yes, but they would be wrong.