Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy... my comics this week.

  • I was really surprised how enjoyable it was to watch Mary Marvel bite off someone's nose! May the Rolling Head of Pantha bless you, Mary!
  • I really liked both Gotham Underground and Salvation Run this week!
  • "That was ill-advised," is now a candidate for Greatest Understatement of the Year.
  • Brother Eye is ... eating Apokolips? That is freaking hilarious!
  • So... you do realize where the name "Boodika" comes from, don't you...?
  • The Origin of Solomon Grundy. Pure genius.
  • Okay, the whole "how Ollie got a son that we'd never heard of" thing makes a lot more sense to me now.
  • The baseball. Of course. The baseball. I stand in awe of you, Kurt.
  • Wonder Woman can perform marriages simply because she's the god**** Wonder Woman.
  • "Time-traveling deviants." This is my new favorite condemnatory epithet. The next time tourists are blabbing loudly on the Metro rather than sitting there silently staring into space like you're supposed to, I shall turn upon them savagely and hiss, "Time-traveling deviants." That'll show 'em.
  • Wait, so now Connor's half black instead of half Asian? Is this like when Kyle turned out to be half Mexican?
  • Oh, my god, Ted actually used his silly light gun!
  • "Caution will not help you now."
  • Dan Garrett is a very cool person. Honestly, it's nicer having him back than Ted.
  • Ape on ape violence!!!
  • My comic books made me look up a word today. I love it when that happens.
  • "Everybody say cheese!" I do not like to think about the Joker's photo album.
  • I really never thought I would ever see the name "Kenny Braverman" occur in any comic book. Ever. I almost fainted.


Anonymous said...

Connor's mother was supposed to have been half black and half Korean. The artist on this month's GA/BC seemed to have forgotten the Korean part.

What word was it you had to look up?

SallyP said...

Gosh, another good week. Personally though I have to go with the "You rear-ended Barry Allen?" line, because I have in incredibly juvenile mind.

Hee hee.

Scipio said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I always thought connor was half black. Albeit it may because while I read the issue where he premiered in, I have never read the Chuck Dixon series.

Patrick C said...

Was Kenny Braverman is Superman this week? Booster Gold #0 comes out this week, and Kenny Braverman, first appearing in the 0 issues of Superman returns? That's a weird synchronicity.

Scipio said...

He was simply mentioned. Still!

Unknown said...

Boodika was named after a retrotransposon in a blood fluke? Those are some charming parents she's got there.

Anonymous said...

"Boodika" probably means something different in her native language. Like "Lobo" in Khundish means "he who eats your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it", while here on Earth it's the band who recorded "Me & You & A Dog Named Boo".

David page said...

Just one thing I wanted to add that came out last week but due to oddness of space time (ie I got paid this week) I just had to mention

Judge dredd megazine (trust me its dc related)

So you are running a reprint of Bob the galactic bum. But you really don't want to pay dc rights to use Lobo. What do you do?

You change him into a woman and call her ASBO

i kid ye not!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading this week's GA/BC, I think Green Arrow may be an example of mythic syncretism*. He started out as yer standard dull crimefighter, then got the 70s leftie overhaul, followed by some Reagan-era Grellness, and then a healthy dose of 90s selfishness and jerkitude. Blend on high, and you come up with a complex character who is a decent amalgamation of all of the above -- maybe not someone you would want as a friend, but someone you might want to read about.

* A phenomenon first identified in Absorbascon #211!

- Annotatin' Anonymous

Bill D. said...

Sigh... I was hoping Kenny was something that got New Earthed out of continuity.

Anonymous said...

Connor's always been half-white, one-quarter-black and one-quarter Korean, hasn't he? (So, naturally, he's incredibly blonde. Ollie has mutant dominant blonde alleles!)

Michael Jones said...

Isn't Midge the name of Moose's girlfriend? (But without looking it up, isn't it a larval stage for a type of insect?)

Jacob T. Levy said...

haven't thought about Kenny Braverman in years; was happier that way. May he and Tommy Elliot rot in stupid-character hell...

SallyP said...

Hmmmm...I always thought midges were those nasty little black flies. I also had a Midge doll, to go with my Barbie doll back in the 60's.

Yes, I'm old.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know where the name Boodika, or in fact Boudica comes from.

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

You know, in this week of Countdown, we found out that Kyle is a retard. "Speaking of which, we should at least be looking for a way home while we bicker?"

Gee Kyle, ever thought about looking at the FRIGGIN' shiny green ring right in your hand?

If HAL JORDAN was at Kyle's place, instead of bickering, he would've punched Jason Todd in the face (he deserves it) and then proceed to beat the circuits out of Brother Eye.

Shamus said...

okay, I am redeemed. I may not have known what Lexis Nexis was an hour ago, but I definitely knew the historical reference for the name Boodika. And who says you can't learn anything trivial from a University Education.