Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kinda Haikuey

See? Now, this is why I read DC rather than Marvel!

In Marvel, even beings of godlike power are sniveling, adolescent whiners (yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Galactus and Silver Surfer).

In DC, even lowly delivery boys getting beaten up by Batman can still muster the wherewithal to throw a haikuiform retort!


In a dark alley
bat suits and cat suits don't look
all that different.

Can you compose a haiku to celebrate the poetic glory of DC's citizens?


Allan said...


Wonder Woman once
Threw me into a brick wall.
Damn, that was awesome!


If it's just a bird
or a plane, why do people
Keep pointing it out?

"Urban Legend"

I remember when
Batman used to dance in the
Local discotheques.


A giant monster
Stepped on my school today.
I love Ivytown.

totaltoyz said...

Riddle me this and
Riddle me that; who's afraid
Of the big bad bat?

Mugger stealing my
Purse; stopped in his tracks by a
Boxing glove arrow.

Luthor, please drop the
Green and purple armored suits.
Gray is your color.

If you open a
Store in Gotham City, don't
Name it after birds.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the first time that the content of one of these haikus has followed the rules too. I joyously observe:

- nature themes (night, cat, bat)

- a juxtaposition between concepts on two lines (cat and bat are very different animals, except at night when they are similar)

- a phrase on one line and a complete clause comprising the other two lines

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are completely unaware of World War Hulk: Aftersmash. No, I'm not suggesting you read the whole thing, but you're gonna have to bone up on the Mini Marvels section contained therein for Marvel haiku goodness

Scipio said...

Oh, I know about it. I believe it's on an earlier post.

totaltoyz said...

Let's see if I can compose a haiku following Anony's rules.

Robbing a cruise ship
My gun knocked out of my hand
By a flying fish.

Yeah, that works.

totaltoyz said...

I can see why you love haikus so much; they're addictive!

Captain Cold attacks
A scarlet and yellow blur
Saves the day again.

Invisible plane
Flown by a vision wearing
Star-spangled coulottes.

Hawkman; what a guy
A silly mask and big wings
But oh what beefcake.

Chance said...

Once a big green hand
Caught me as I plummeted
Off a sky-scraper.

Glowing soothing green,
The hand set me down unharmed.
Thanks, Big Giant Hand!

Gustavo said...

Big bad bat shadow
Holds me against the skyline
I would soil my pants

Anonymous said...

Aliens attack!
Magic spells and talking apes!
Just another day.

-Mike Loughlin

totaltoyz said...

In brightest day, in
Blackest night, no evil shall
Escape my sight, dude.

Achilles' courage?
How much courage do you need
When nothing hurts you?

Geo-Force is in the
Justice League? Seriously?
There goes neighborhood.