Monday, April 04, 2022

Sim-ulating the DCU

Since I've not been reading current comics lately, I've found other outlets for my interest in DC's pantheon of superhero characters, like The Sims4, where you can recreate them and their supporting casts and much of the lives they lead.  Thanks to the popularity of the characters, I usually don't have to design them myself, but rather can just download versions that other players have created and then tweak them to my own taste and reserve my own efforts for making supporting characters.

Like Wild Dog. Woof.

Would you believe there are over 30 publicly-available versions of Felicity Smoak you can download (because a lot of Felicity Smoak fans play the Sims)

Into the Felicity-verse

 and yet not a single one of RenĂ© "Wild Dog" Ramirez?  I was forced to make my own. Slowly. By candlelight. Over a bottle of madeira.  With Jerry Rivera albums playing in the background.

Is it... getting warm in here...?

I have a save where I have renamed all the "worlds" (neighborhoods, really) in the game after the appropriate DCU fictionopolises and installed the appropriate characters to live there.  And what a universe it tends to be!

One of the issues is that our superhero pals don't get to superhero.  Although you can make Sims who are Mean and have careers like "Supervillain", there's no real crime or villainy to fight. So I try to encourage their lives toward interacting with one another appropriately and building their legacies.

I suppose that's one way to build one's legacy, though.

I say encourage because (as you know if you've played the game) you can only select one household and control one member at a time, who still has autonomy it will assert (while all the others are doing their own thing). It's hard enough to 'control' one Sim; but when you have several in a household, and then several (or many households in a game), plus a new progression mode that gives them more freedom to advance their own storylines when you're not interfering with their lives and...

Well, things happen.

Like the time I discovered Shayera had secretly adopted four babies simultaneously and hidden them in Caitlin's room, thinking I wouldn't notice them there, while she went bird-watching.

So get set to see over this week what happens when you let simulations of Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Lex, Bruce, Alfred, Diana, Etta, Jason, Barry, Eobard, Jay, Iris, Joe, Wally, Ray, Jean, Ryan, Carter, Shayera, Caitlin, Cisco, Paco, J'onn, M'gann, Jupiter, Arthur, Mera, Garth, Jackson, Salty, Hal, Kyro, Ollie, Roy, Felicity, Diggle, Dinah, and occasional clones thereof run around in a world of their own.


Anonymous said...

That image of Barry and someone else ... ? I seriously thought that was all Plastic Man at first.

Redforce said...

Jimmy will no doubt be trying to get a scoop and fall into a pool, wherein the ladder will 'accidentally' disappear, and you will snicker as Clark completely ignores his frantic thrashing while Jimmy drowns.

John C said...

Is this how they "wrote" the final season of Supergirl...?

Scipio said...

@Redforce: heh. Sims can no longer drown that way. They can just climb out of the pool like normal people. Nicely, this also means that sim-dogs can take a swim as well. Which is adorable.

@JohnC. Might have made t easier to follow.