Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Speaking of Wild Dog

Inspired by René Ramirez's stand out work in my Sims game as the one Sim I can always rely on, I went back and read all of the stories with the original comic book version of Wild Dog that inspired the CW character. More on that later.   

In fairness, no one else has read them, either, René.

But meanwhile, know that I was very disappointed when I set up my games to discover that no one had made a version of René Ramirez I could just steal from the Gallery (because I'm not very good at making doppelgänger Sims myself).

Almost nobody.

So I made one myself and have made it him available to the world WITH his own line of WildDogWear(tm).

"Really, hoss?"
Yes, really. You earned it.

Me, too.

 Not just the classic Wild Dog outfit, but outfits for every occasion.

"I'm gonna need some time ta process this."

You deserve so much more.

Now anyone can have René in their game, because doesn't need more Wild Dog in their life? 

No caption will suffice.

Stand aside, 70 versions of Oliver Queen and 30 of Felicity Smoak, because...

You already do, René; you already do.

there's only one René Ramirez.

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