Wednesday, March 23, 2022

A Peppy Development on Riverdale

 Oh, I see...

the newest development on the show Riverdale (which, yes, is still a thing) is one which has utterly confounded everyone as being incomprehensibly beyond the pale, even for a show that has exemplified "madness" as method.

To me, on the other hand,

it's the first thing on the show that has made any sense in YEARS.

Not that I've been watching, of course; I value my sanity too much.  

A difficult choice.

But reading about this latest episode, which deals with the after-effects of a bomb exploding at Archie's house, sent me dashing to television to watch. In short, Archie and Betty should probably be dead but instead...

they have superpowers.

Betty has some sort-of "Spider-sense" ability (very useful when you are an FBI agent) and Archie has mysteriously picked up a lot of extra mass, becoming extra dense (no jokes) and his skin becoming nearly impervious (which is why he and Betty, whom he was in front of, survived the blast).

Let me think REALLY hard about that.

  • A red-headed male.
  • Who was the star of Pep Comics.
  • Who gains the power of superstrength and impervious skin.

It took him some 80 years. But the ever-insidious Archie finally has replaced the Shield fully.

By BECOMING The Shield.


John C said...

I assumed that it was Pureheart, Superteen, and...whatever lame thing they made Jughead in the '60s when the company was flailing to find anything that readers would tolerate (an era that included three superhero lines and secret agents!), but the density is definitely more suggestive of the Shield. And this guy already has the costume from a Halloween episode.

Yes, I watch it. I find the fever-dream plotting soothing, somehow, and just wish they'd either stop focusing on the men or give their characters something resembling a personality. Like, the women all have interesting personalities and dilemmas, whereas the men have...hobbies, I guess? Oh, and abs.

Anonymous said...

"Do I see what I see: Shield?"

"Do I?"

Redforce said...

You analyses never cease to amaze me, but this one actually blew my mind.

Dick McGee said...

"That's right, Shield. I'm wearing your skin now. Your bulletproof, indestructible skin. And it feels GOOD..."