Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Your mother said she found this in your closet...

"Answer me, Hal...

Who taught you how to do this stuff?"

"You, Alan...

I learned it by watching YOU!"


John C said...

Poor Alan, always the butt of jokes...

Y'know, obviously not your point, but it's surprising that nobody has every tried to link Mr. Dickles, there, to Harley Quinn, since they both have that awful Anything Goes Brooklyn accent and both give their great, abusive loves (the Joker and the cab, though granted, the cab was possessed by Sinestro) dumb nicknames.

Anonymous said...

Let us observe that Doiby owns his own cab and doesn't need a ride like Kyro does. So he had to contrive a different excuse.

And, as always ... "HERE I COME, FRUITY!"

Scipio said...

I didn't remember that one AT ALL

Anonymous said...

You NEVER remember that one. But I never forget:

And I still marvel at your ability to craft new lyrics to songs, and your impeccable sense of meter. Not a single line feels like you started with the rhyme and worked your way backwards.

Tony said...

OH COME ON! Goitrude is SO NOT a dumb nickname for a New York taxi cab!

cybrid said...

"Goitrude" ("Gertrude" in Brooklynese) isn't a nickname, it's an actual name. Lots of people name their cars. :-)

Doiby is one of the "Funny Fat Friends" mentioned in an earlier article.

"Doiby Dickles is living on a distant planet (it was a Young Justice story; anything could happen)"

Doiby living on another planet dates back to Green Lantern #45 (June 1966, over a year prior to Star Trek's "A Piece of the Action"), where he married Princess Ramia of the planet Myrg, much of which he re-made to resemble Brooklyn, along with a baseball field for the Dodgers. He even influenced Myrg's inhabitants to speak with Brooklyn accents. "Young Justice" had nothin' on the sixties when it came to "anything could happen." :-)

Scipio said...

I'd completely forgotten that SONG, too. Heh; "penthouse" view is a nice one.

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