Sunday, June 21, 2020

Red Devils of Gayland: Fearsome Foursome

Telling you the story of the Red Devils of Gayland was merely the background to making clear the level of desperation in seeking Green Arrow foes to make custom Heroclix figures of that would drive me to create:

The Red Devils of Gayland

They are based on the Ninja dial from the Batman: The Animated Series Heroclix set (a figure I probably wouldn't use much, if at all; not a ninja fan). It's an easy fit with sneaky acrobats.

A similarly easy fit was the sculpt: Daredevil, of course:

Plenty of those to go around.

This foursome of Red Devils probably aren't enough to go up against a Green Arrow team by themselves, but they are a perfect 100 point plus-up to a team built around a more serious threat. Like... um.... the Octopus?  Sure; the Octopus.


John C said...

No commemorative Gayland sap? At least two of them featured for two panels. And what better way to knock out the heroic saps? Also, Daredevil seems too tall to be a Red Devil.

(Joking, obviously, since I have no knowledge of Heroclix outside of your blog.)

Scipio said...

Those figures are holding saps.

Steve Mitchell said...

I was sure you were going for the Gayland map. . . .

Redforce said...

Red Devils of Gayland - I swear I remember them being an Atlanta hockey team.