Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carnival of Doom

Where do evil clowns come from?

Why, from a Carnival of Doom, of course. So why don't we have Heroclix maps that go there?

The number of cheery and chipper Heroclix maps depresses me. The Asgardian Afterlife, shiny flying saucer crashsites, sparkling outer space with its twinkly little lights... BAH! I blame Marvel. And Jack Kirby.

The real world is not full of shiny Kirby machines and flashes of ill-defined "energy bursts". The real world is full of carnivals of doom, and crime alleys, and abandoned umbrella factories.
Well, at least the real world in the DCU.

So I threw together (actually, toiled endlessly, but that doesn't sound as impressive) this "Carnival of Doom" map. There was an evil carnival map in Horroclix but it was, frankly, boring and nearly featureless.
Not so my Carnival of Doom, which features the bumpcars, the merry-go-round, a haunted ballroom, a midway stage, a freakshow, a watery Tunnel of Love, and the Hall of Mirrors. Lots of places for your dark and eerie figures of the night to go chasing after deranged killer clowns and circus freaks.

If you are interested in the original file, I'm happy to send it to you.


K. Starks said...

I'm interested!

Scipio said...

Okay; what's yer email?

Brad said...

Your maps are amazing and I'm really becoming a fan of your site. I'd love to have a copy of Mercy Reef, Iceberg Lounge and the Batcave, among others. Is it possible to get a copy of their files sent to me? Thanks!

Brad said...

My email is

Scipio said...

Okay, Brad, I will send them your way today!

Please let me know how well you feel they "play".

Anonymous said...

Please ...please...send me the file too!!!! THANK YOU!!! WOW THATS AWESOME

Anonymous said...

please send me the file too!! my mail is and i was wondering if you can send me some gotham city maps and maps from batman, thank you man, its awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have my heroes adventure through your carnival of doom. My email is:

I hope to make some heroclix maps of my own in future and if you could send this along I'll return the favour!