Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Set of a 1000 Olsens!

You know, I was just kidding the other day when I said you could probably make of entire Heroclix set of nothing by Jimmy Olsen figures.

But, in fact, if you dig through all those crazy Silver Age Jimmy Olsen stories, you can. Including extras for Chase Figures.
  1. Dick Hunter, Elevator Boy
  2. The Bird-Boy of Metropolis
  3. Invisible Jimmy Olsen
  4. The Human Porcupine
  5. Evil Twin Jimmy
  6. Big Jimmy
  7. The Boy of 100 Faces
  8. Giant Turtle Man
  9. Superyouth
  10. Fat Olsen
  11. The Super Nose for News
  12. The Gorilla Reporter
  13. The Mad Hatter of Metropolis
  14. Jimmy Olsen, Mobster's Moll
  15. Bearded Olsen
  16. Jaxx 4928
  17. The Human Octopus
  18. The Olsen Experiment (The Human A-Bomb)
  19. The Merman of Metropolis
  20. Viking Olsen
  21. Jimmy in Drag
  22. The Boy Witch Doctor
  23. Jimmy the Imp
  24. TNT Olsen, Boxer
  25. Jungle Jimmy
  26. Heavyweight Olsen
  27. Jimmy Olsen, Super-Brain
  28. The Red-Haired Beatle of 1000 BC
  29. Mr. Action
  30. Jimmy Olsen, Circus Clown
  31. Nine-Lives Olsen
  32. Helmet of Hate Olsen
  33. The Wolf-Man of Metropolis
  34. Anti-Grav Olsen
  35. Lucky Turban Olsen
  36. Jimmy Olsen, Human Balloon
  37. Rock'N'R'Olsen
  38. Jimmy Olsen, Speed Demon
  39. Bizarro Jimmy Olsen
  40. Greenbeard Olsen the Pirate
  41. The Dragon Delinquent
  42. Elastic Lad
  43. The Boy Millionaire
  44. Jimmy Olsen, Crooner
  45. The Human Skyscraper
  46. Jupiter Olsen
  47. Wonder Lad
  48. Jimmy Olsen, Leader of the Hairies
  49. Agent Double Five
  50. Nazi Jimmy
  51. The Radioactive Boy
  52. Genie Olsen
  53. Jimmy Olsen, Cub Inventor
  54. Robot Jimmy Olsen
  55. The King of Doraynia
  56. Flamebird
  57. Private Olsen
  58. Quick-Gun Olsen
  59. Atlas Olsen
  60. X-Ray Specs Olsen
  61. Jimmy the Hippie
  62. Jimmy Olsen DNAlien
  63. Aqua-Jimmy
  64. The Human Geiger Counter
  65. The Colossus of Metropolis
  66. Ultra-Olsen
  67. The Human Flame-Thrower
  68. Jockey Jimmy Olsen
  69. The Pal of Steel

And that doesn't even include Jimmy Olsen Fan Club Members as generics. In this set I can easily see figures with Stealth, Hypersonic Speed, Aquatic, CCE, Transporter, Invulernability, Imperviousness, Toughness, Giant, Flight, Supersenses, Outwit, RCE, Super-strength, Mastermind, Plasticity, Shape Change, Probability Control, BCF, Charge, Pulse Wave, Poison, Flurry, Defend, aw, heck every Heroclix power you can think of, plus some special powers. And Perplex. Pretty much ANY Jimmy Olsen figure could have Perplex.

Really, now; who wouldn't buy a Set of 1000 Olsens?


TotalToyz said...

"Dick Hunter, Elevator Boy"????

Please tell me you made that up.....

Scipio said...

Oh, dear. Someone doesn't read the Absorbascon closely enough...!

TotalToyz said...

I am chagrinned.

Imitorar said...

That's the thing about Jimmy Olsen: there is no such thing as exaggeration where he's concerned. When it comes to Jimmy Olsen, NOTHING is too preposterous.

It's a large part of why I love him so much.

Isaac said...

Don't forget the All-Star Superman version, wearing one of Leo Quintum's rainbow coats as "PROJECT director...for a day!".

Or for that matter, All-Star Jimmy Olsen as DOOMSDAY.

SallyP said...

I have to admit, the idea of Viking Jimmy is SO intriguing.

tom730 said...

I'd settle for Elastic Lad! He was in the LOSH after all! Plus who had a better costume - purple long johns with "Elastic Lad" neatly printed on the chest!
Ah the Silver Age! How I miss it!

TotalToyz said...

Of course, the Set of 1000 Olsens would necessarily be complemented by the Set of 1000 Loises (Loisi?). How can you go wrong, with "Hix-Hox-Hex!" as a Special Power?

Redforce said...

Now, see, what I'D do is come out with a sort of do-it-yourself Jimmy Clix figure. Like that old game where you snap different weapons and stuff onto the cars, or those action figures with all the snap on accessories. You'd start with a couple of Jimmy torsos and a bunch of snap-on parts to make whatever Olsen your little heart desires. Oh, and an easily-taken-apart base and some blank dials so you could make your own.

Diamondrock said...

As I'm sure Scipio could more ably explain, you only pluralize with an "i" if you're using a 2nd declension noun that ends with "us."

*change geek hats*

I really want to make some of those figures now. Perhaps I can cannibalize some of the figures in that box of old Marvel Heroclix my friend gave me. I've got no other use for them...

Steve Mitchell said...

I've got dials identified for a few of these Olsen conversions, intended for a future order for Dale (but stacked well behind several more Golden Age sets and possibly some Cthulhu Clix). I do think it would be great fun to unleash the Legion of Super-Olsens on the gaming table!

TotalToyz said...

Oh yeah, and Steve is the uncontested king of obscure golden-age clix commissions! I recently finished an order for him that included the Great Question, Madam Satan, and the Sorceress of Zoom; next he's got me working on the likes of the Black Commander, Pat Patriot, and Yankee Doodle Jones!