Tuesday, February 08, 2011

First Contact

The importance of any terrestrial experiences and events will be eclipsed if and when our species makes first contact with intelligent life from other planets.

Handling "first contact" will be (second only to managing and preserving our own environment) humanity's greatest task.

And as such...
The Shield is probably not the right person to handle it.

Poor K'azpyr Mlkh-tozd the Martian! To have encountered the Shield, rather than, say, Superman, was a bad bit of luck.

Yet despite being a milksop with no taste for heroic violence, our well-spoken Martian friend has ample facility for heroic haiku! Observe as he shows his cultural superiority to our thick-headed hero by dismissing the idea of a Martian invasion with an off-hand haiku entitled:


I couldn't afford
to invade anything not
with my blood pressure!

What haiku can you compose to show your opinions of this first contact between Ferdinand the Martian, the quick-fisted Shield, or Dusty the Boy Ear-Ache?


TotalToyz said...

How unfortunate
The Shield should meet the Martian
Felix Unger first.

Nathan Hall said...

Peaceful intentions
Have no place in Shield's nation
Of war-like action

(Yes, I know haiku don't have to rhyme, I just like it when they do.)

Bryan L said...

Pity the Shield who
Leaps to unwise assumptions
Don't piss off Martians!