Monday, January 31, 2011

Pep 39: Painful Perspectivitis

Usually, the 3D nature of Pep covers helps the Shield. But on the cover of 39, perspective turns against him
like some sort of artistic auto-immune disease. It's distorted his limbs and jerked them to angles so painful even the Shield can't help showing it on his face. Psst! Shield! The lipstick doesn't help...

Plus, it's obviously thrown off his aim, so he completely missed hitting Attila the Vampire Cat-person Voodoo Japanazi Who Gets His Workout Gear from the International Male Catalog.

Dusty the Boy Bondage seems to have nodded off, or may have already died from having his entire brain exposed. Oh, unless that's his hair. Dusty's lucky! He might have been in danger if Simitar-san hadn't just been shot by Ayikanasiyu, the World's Most Awkward Marksman/Chaffeur and his inable female lookout, Seen-us DeMilo.

One benefit to the perspective though: the odious Hangman is trapped on an Escherian stair/ledge, with zero clearance and steps that approach but never arrive down at the groundfloor action. The farther he is in the background the better. In fact, without my reading glasses, I'd swear he was just a color-reversed Silver Age Batwoman.


SallyP said...

My GOD, but that is...ungainly. Ungainly to an alarming degree. Dusty is obviously faking it, since even HE is embarrassed by the good Captains ineptitude.

On the plus side, at least Archie isn't on the cover.

Imitorar said...

If it weren't anachronistic, I'd suggest that this cover was drawn based on a pose the artist put his Shield action figure into. And I thought JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was the only comic to feature contorted poses like this... (That is possibly the only reference to a manga by title that will ever appear on this blog).

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