Saturday, December 13, 2008

Are YOU a Superman of America?

Today I ran 9 miles, am throwing a Christmas party for 50 people, running a Dramatic Reading contest, then going two-stepping with Ken and company till all hours. Then tomorrow, I'll go to yoga class and jog for 30 minutes before emceeing an outdoor caroling performance at the town square, followed by dinner and game night with the boys.


Because Superman told me to...
What are YOU going to do this weekend?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

in this week's comics.

  • Wait... a... a scar on Hal Jordan's head? A scar on... Hal Jordan's head? BWAHAHAHAHA!
  • I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen someone die by banana peel before.
  • Okay, I don't pretend to have any idea why Mongul seems to have a detachable while still operable arm; but it is funny.
  • "I didn't even realize I had an arch-enemy."
  • Luthor and Brainiac are still the best team of villains ever; particularly when they aren't really working together.
  • Two-Face was just everywhere this week. And sounding intelligent, like a successful criminal, not like someone who'd have trouble crossing the street. Bully.
  • Have I mentioned how wonderful I think it is that the Book of Oa is written in Interlac?
  • Finally, a psychologist who says, "No; no, don't bother."
  • Two comics with Two-Face and a pizza delivery guy. It's a strange world.
  • Captain Action was about 90 times better than it had any right to be; Fabien Nicienza strikes again. Bully for you, Moonstone. I think I need to start reading more Moonstone.
  • So, who taught Batman how to make his nipples look like his eyes? I'm betting it was the Phantom Stranger.
  • XXX...! XXX...! XXX...!
  • He becomes a folk hero for robbing banks? Diamondrock's right, the Marvel Universe is full of idiots.
  • "Doctor Wing"; heh, nice one.
  • When did the Lone Ranger become a Vertigo book? You deserve to read the Lone Ranger.
  • The Creature Commandos? Ultraa the Multi-Alien? Action is officially insane. In the best possible way.
  • Okay, I don't think they make a Twelve-Step program for that.
  • Nightwing's secret is being rather strongly hinted at, isn't it? Too strongly...?
  • I always thought Valhalla Cemetery was a dumb idea.
  • Booster didn't notice the modern art, but I spotted it right away; did you?
  • The Blank. Spider-Man's rogue's gallery is having quiet a renaissance, isn't it?
  • My gods, I have the hots for naked Brainiac....
  • Do I actually... miss Judd Winick on GA/BC? Who I am, and what have I done with Scipio Garling?
  • "I am the god of progress."
  • NOT the midwife you want helping you. Really.
  • The difference between Brainiac and Luthor, succinctly explained.
  • "You meant bow and arrows, didn't you?" ROTFL!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Batman: Brave & The Bold is better than Batman: The Animated Series. Much better.

Yeah; I said it. You wanna make sumpthin out of it, buddy?

BTAS: brooding and morose, taking itself too seriously. Why, it's nearly a... a Marvel comic!
BB&B: still serious (Batman's still quite the hard-nose), but not taking itself too seriously.

BB&B has better art. I still remember how disappointed I was the first time I saw BTAS. This was before the current info-age, when I would have seen 10,000 spoiler images for 8 months beforehand, so the first time I saw it actually was the first time I saw it. How shocked I was! I was expecting to get, finally a detailed, beautifully drawn animated series that actually looked like a comic book I might already be reading. Instead, I got pointy noises and square jaws that would have embarrassed even Bob Kane.

BB&B is better promo for DC. You may not consider that an appropriate aesthetic considering, but, hey, marketing matters. BB&B is designed to use Batman as a means to introduce viewers to other DC characters. So far, we've already seen in three episodes the likes of Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Fire, the Gentleman Ghost, Green Arrow, Clock King, Black Manta, Felix Faust, and Ocean Master. In BTAS, we saw... Robin and Batgirl. The opening sequence of BB&B actually builds the names of various guest stars into the layout; the opening sequence of BTAS doesn't even contain Batman's name.

BB&B is better characterization. This Batman is still a hard-nose (even harder than the BTAS one), but has a sense of humor. His scene where he mocks Felix Faust is priceless. And Batman's unique personality is shown off in excellent contradistinction against the guest stars. And Dietrich Bader is flawless as Batman, much to my surprise.

BB&B is better action. Each episode begins in medias res, and has little slow time till the end. Plus, no time is wasted on Bruce Wayne; it's all Batman. More happens in one episode then in a year's worth of JLA.

BB&B has better decor. Yep, you heard me. BTAS was clunky, with its overly long Batmobile and colorless Batcave. Every single bat-gadget in BB&B is stylish, with red accents and bat shapeyness. BTAS is a PC and BB&B is a Mac.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Why Magnus is Better than Chuck Palahniuk

Because Magnus inspires gay youth to accept themselves and to allow their hairdos to exceed the boundaries of their panel layout.