Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • The BLAM door. Best visual I can remember seeing in quite some time.
  • You know I'm no great fan of Grant Morrison. But Batman was great this week.
  • Pinocchio. That was cruel.
  • Monarch of Duluth? Snort! Nice one.
  • What the lasso is truly capable of.
  • The comfort Ray finds in the Royal Flush Gang, who apparently are a multiversal constant.
  • Looking for Psycho? Oh... that's not good at all.
  • Shame of you, if you didn't recognize the name Elva Barr.
  • Stagg? Oh, no. No, no, no. Say it isn't so....
  • Bruce Lee didn't actually break his back, you know. He dislodged a vertebra.
  • Queen Bee goes down. All the way.
  • "The sun is not our friend. We must embrace the cold darkness that is our fate," made me laugh out loud.
  • If you want somebody to make something that'll kick the JLA's butt, T.O. Morrow is still the man.
  • Zeus in spandex is HOT.
  • "I need to see it every day."
  • The difference in viewpoint of Dr. Polaris, the Floronic Man, and the Cheetah.
  • Seldom has the Phantom Stranger me me laugh as hard as did when failing to finish his little "My poop don't stink" speech...!
  • Hooley in the tank. Always good to see Hooley. Particularly in the tank.


Jack Norris said...

One's poop not stinking is an inevitable consequence when one can never be fully a part of this mundane, mortal-
oh, never mind.

Guys' Guy said...

Okay...shame on me then...who is Elva Barr?

Jeff R. said...

Have you ever read the old Blue Devil Summer Fun Special (#1, that is)? It's chock-full of Phantom-Stranger-as-Straightman moments...

Chance said...

There are good and bad weeks for nice lines, but nothing has ever yet beaten last year's "Troglodytes! You dare raise your primitive bang sticks to the Lord of Time?" as best line, period.

SallyP said...

I braved the crowds and the freezing rain, to get my comics, and I'm AWFULLY GLAD that I did.

Diamondrock said...
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Doctor Polaris said...

My viewpoint is based on science. SCIENCE!

Diamondrock said...

Where did I miss Stagg?