Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miami Bound

I'll be in Miami from Nov 21 - Nov 29. Naturally, I'll be in South Beach...

If you're in the area, give me and shout and we can meet up for mojitos!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.
  • The most cold-hearted Catwoman ever.
  • Luthor in prison duds. As he should be.
  • The penny plundering.
  • GOSH, that was a fast trip to the moon, LOL.
  • I like this Norman McKay much better.
  • Okay, Judd made several big wins with me this week. He's given Connor a skill set that makes him a good complement to Ollie, rather than a redundant, failed replacement. He's treated memory loss like the complicate thing it is, rather than just a comic book trope. He dealt with some of the inconsistency of Connor's previous characterization. AND, I might add, what he's done has left open the possibility of Connor's sexuality... again.
  • Rexy. Gods, I love comics.
  • Superman has some in-law problems, apparently.
  • Two-Face is a Star Trek fan.
  • Where Frank hid the drug.
  • Apparently, Clark Kent, despite being a writer for decades, manages to confuse the accusative with the vocative, which I sure none of his readers will.
  • Wait, did he really just shoot Lex?
  • 20 zeppelins; GODS, how I love that character!
  • The artificial whale. Good memory, Dini.
  • Notice he said "lease"; he doesn't still them.
  • That's the second-best Joker-kills-someone-by-peanut-allergy I've ever read!
  • The Punisher's garbage can.
  • Huh. Batman's broken and rotting corpse... . But Power Girl STILL manages to look good!
  • The fact that in their argument the Zamarons and the Guardians are both right.
  • Dr. Elliott finally earns his name. And his bandages.
  • A thank you from Two-Face.
  • The real-worldish ramifications of the exposure of Vesetech, particularly the montage of those effects; pure genius. That's good comics, folks.
  • Karate Alfred!
  • Street-fightin' Starro!
  • I love Flamebird & Nightwing, instantly.
  • Defeated by a Whirli-bat? ROTFL!
  • Pennies from heaven.
  • Jeez, even a crushed skull won't shut Lo-lo up!
  • Selina's oh-so-sweet revenge.
  • Trinity just gets crazier and crazier!
  • Was the meta-ending of Legion in the 31s Century as, well, creepy to you as it was to me?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The United Underworld Strikes!

by Scipio Garling
Gotham City, The Gotham Times
(Multiversal Press Association)

The United Underworld has pulled off the seemingly impossible with an across-the-board attack on the line of Batman titles, leaving three dead and two wounded.

Dan Didio, Grant Morrison, Fabian
Nicienza, and Peter Tomasi (see photo at left), have cancelled the Nightwing series, the Robin series, and the Birds of Prey series, all staples of the Batman editorial line. Each of these titles stars one of Batman historically principal in-family allies, Dick "Nightwing" Grayson, Tim "Robin" Drake, and Barbara "Batgirl/Oracle" Gordon.

Meanwhile, in another part of Gotham City, the incomprehensibly puzzling writing of Grant Morrison (see photo at right) has incapacitated the two main Batman titles, Batman and Detective Comics, possible killing their star, and leaving even long-time readers riddled with doubt.

Also crippled by the attack were Batfamily members Spoiler and the Huntress, hard-luck cult favorite Manhunter, women's issues pioneer Zinda Blake, and a host of supporting characters and secondary villains.

Reaction to the attack has been mixed.

"Zis obzezhion vit ze Batman is unhealt'y," opined local psychologist H. Strange (see photo at left). "It is a vise move to cripple ze Batman lines at zis time, particularly as his rezent zinematic zuzesses have led to an overzealous popularity vit zis character among ze masses." Strange posited that the changes may, in fact, be good for the Batman family in the longer run. "Vhatever does not kill, it makes stronger. New birt' comes vit pain. Pain unt zuffering vill make ze Batman strong, even stronger. Pain like ze lashing of ze vhip! Suffering like zat of the characters and readers of All-Star Batman und Robin!"

Another interviewee, who wished to remain anonymous and identified himself only as "a Stranger" to Gotham (see photo at right), voiced the concerns of many. "For years, the Batman and his allies have used darkness as a weapon; but now a greater darkness has descended upon them and upon us all! Seek solace in friends and band together against the lowering storm. I cannot join you, for I must remain.... a stranger. Otherwise, my sexual orientation would become too public."

The Gotham Times wants to know YOUR opinion. Please contact our Letters to the Editor Column below.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Magnus is Better than the Guys at Remington's

Because Magnus manages to catch the last Metro home even while wearing his cowboy boots.