Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • I really like that Kandor has trees and rivers. Like cities do.
  • "I'm not a face to wake up to." Indeed.
  • See? No matter what Team Ability symbol they put on his Heroclix dial, I have always considered that character an enemy and not an ally.
  • Code name: Beagle. Nice one.
  • Why Star Boy left the Legion. That, folks, is continuity.
  • Linda Lang.
  • YOU are not the boss of Battle Beast!
  • Running to the Spectre? AGAIN? Okay, it's definitely time for you to go back to the Kids' Table.
  • "I'm a god, not a saint."
  • Vibe. Love that new outfit, dear!
  • Honor and loyalty shine bright in this weary world.
  • Oh, how I was looking forward to the undoubted laughfest of the Phantom Stranger + Green Lantern. And, OH, how wrong I was...
  • An elegant, hand-waiving explanation of the previous badly botched versions of Supergirl; yeah, I'll buy that.
  • Yes, they are the size of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Oh, of course they had Captain Atom talk to him.
  • Allen and Nolan's one-two punch.
  • Now that is an origin for Supergirl.
  • Donna Troy, librarian.
  • "He believes I send the dreams" is one of the most coldly badass things you will ever hear a character say.
  • Oh, yeah, something is definitely afoot for retooling the Batfamily titles. And with Batwoman; yay!
  • Anthony's passing.
  • You know the scope of the action is pretty broad when the collateral damage of the battle is... Europe.
  • Wow. The food in the 31st Century must be just horrible.
  • Yes, "cat" should always be in quotation marks.
  • Shouldn't all girlfriends be able to vanish your clothes just by touching them?
  • The Planet's new business editor.
  • "I'm young, I'm rich, I'm adored."
  • What the HECK is Starman up to?


Jacob T. Levy said...

"yeah, I'll buy that."

Me, too.

B&B had a greater number of well-written Phantom Stranger moments than the complete run of Shadowpact.

It's not *exactly* continuity. Star Boy left the Legion for less than a year of publishing history, in 1966; he was a member throughput the Grell and Levitz eras. But he says he didn't rejoin until L3W-- which is set several years after 1986 in our terms.

CandidGamera : said...

He didn't rejoin until the *first* Legion of Three Worlds crossover, which was something that happened off-screen.

I suspect Star Boy's request for a shovel has something to do with the body of one Mr. Bart Allen..

Scipio said...

A shovel. Ah, yes, of course. And someone HAS to die for Bart to come back to life, so Thom must kill again...

Anonymous said...

Better than Vibe's return. . .

Space Ranger!

Even if he didn't get to do anything.

CandidGamera : said...

The only thing that bugged me about Brave and the Bold was the Sector Number we're shown for the alien planet. So easy to get right, so pointless to get wrong..

Hal Shipman said...

"He didn't rejoin until the *first* Legion of Three Worlds crossover, which was something that happened off-screen."

Yeah, but he originally re-joined years before that in the Sir Prize/Miss Terious story. He didn't get the starfield costume until many, many years later and the beard until years after that.

Someone said it better somewhere recently, but I really hate how Johns is relying on the Pri-Crisis/Levitz continuity for our interest, but then just screws with it randomly. I wish he'd just faith in his own stories rather than retconning other people's.

Jake said...

In fairness, the three Brainiac 5's could have been meeting regularly and just not telling anyone. That's something any Brainiac 5 could get behind.

Anonymous said...

I really thought the hideous thing Thom was gonna commit was getting a job.

Scipio said...

He is.

As a gravedigger.

Rob S. said...

He shovels well. He shovels *very* well.

SallyP said...

The Brave & the Bold wasn't FULL of hilarity, but I did smile at the snit that the Guardians got into, what with Hal dragging the Phantom Stranger to Oa. And Thom is definitely up to something.

Jacob T. Levy said...

The funniest part of the snit was that the Guardians didn't have any idea who the Stranger is. I approve of that-- I dislike the tendency for every character, or even every cosmic well-informed character, to know everything the readers know. (Suddenly everyone knows about Hypertime, or the Multiverse, or the rotating cast of Spectres or Dr Fates or Lords of Hell, etc.) And the Stranger's mysterious; he shouldn't be a galactic celebrity. Finally, it'sa good thing to sweep the pre-Kingdom Come Quintessence nonsense under the carpet-- there's no reason for Ganthet and the Stranger and company to have been hanging around together in the modern day.

But mainly, it was great because it made the Guardians look kind of dumb.

Scipio said...

And it also highlighted the bizarre fact (which is perhaps just a result of how DC has trained our minds) that the Phantom Stranger looks perfectly natural ANYWHERE, even traipsing around on Oa or some other alien planet.

Tony Z™ said...

"Donna Troy, librarian."

Trinity just got so much better. :-)

Journals said...

"A shovel. Ah, yes, of course. And someone HAS to die for Bart to come back to life, so Thom must kill again..."

Remember Starman (Thom) meeting Starman (Jack) at the very end of Robinson's series?

Maybe someone has to die, but I don't think that Thom is going to murder anyone...