Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

in comics this week.

  • "What are you, his emergency secret weapon?"
  • Just keep repeating: "That is not Gaggy. I do not see Gaggy. There is no Gaggy. There never was a Gaggy. Nor will there ever be."
  • Continuity comes to Jonah Hex!
  • "What's money? Is it important?"
  • Good to see the red roadster again!
  • And yet another Lex Luthor robot meets an ignominious end.
  • "Shock and Awesome" is a great title.
  • "Shocker and Awe" is a less great title.
  • Oh, Gog's other shoe drops, and a mighty big shoe it is.
  • I see nothing wrong with spending $5 million on a personalized helicopter.
  • "Invulnerability... failing... bombardment ... hurting!"
  • I honestly think that's the first time I've ever seen Jonah laugh.
  • The Laughing Contest.
  • Best spectral decapitation scene ever!
  • Well, that's solves the long-standing "mystery of the Kingdom Come Flash".
  • "Did I miss the dream sequence?"


Anonymous said...

Best spectral decapitation scene ever!
Should that be Spectral with a capital S? (as in Spectre)

Martin Gray said...

Ahhh, I never made the super-zippy KC Flash connection, you smart cookie.

Your Obedient Serpent said...

Bruce doesn't see anything wrong with spending $5 mil on a personalized helicopter, either.

Bats, you just got PWNED.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the "mystery of the Kingdom Come Flash"?

Scipio said...

In Kingdom Come, it was never clear which Flash was the Kingdom Come Flash, and it was impossible to tell, since he was always just a blur.

This is the state to which Gog was pushing Jay Garrick in this week's issue of JSA.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW a shoutout to Gaggy The Dwarf would make it on this week's list!

I was happy about the Death's-Head Mothman bit. It means that, on some alternate earth, there's a Killer Vampire Bat (or a Killer Flying Fox, or a Killer Fruit Bat) in a green, orange, and purple suit who rescues criminals.

Anonymous said...

But the Kingdom Come Flash is Wally West, according to information in the trading cards (which is the same info found in the back of the collected version on the pages that identify everyone who appears on the covers), the Revelations supplement, the novelization, and The Kingdom.

However, it should be pointed out that during the round table meeting in Green Lantern's space station, The Flash is not standing next to the rest of the original Teen Titans, but is instead next to Atom-Smasher and Hawkman, both versions of Golden Age characters. This seems to support the Jay Garrick theory.

So all the supplementary material says it's Wally, but the book itself (or at least this scene) implies that it's Jay.

Maybe it's somehow a combination of all the Flashes.

Hal Shipman said...

The trading cards and the other ancillary stuff were essentially retcons to the original publication as they tried to wedge KC into a viable possible future for the DCU at the time. There were interviews and panels with Waid and Ross at the time which were later contradicted by that material. It's been way, way too long, but it was on the Usenet rac* groups at one time. I seem to remember the Brainiac's Daughter character being one case. Originally, she was the daughter of Kara Zor-Eel and Brainiac 5. Of course, at the time, there was no Kara, so they came up with some different, whacked-out "explanation."

SallyP said...

For what was a pretty small week, there was a surprising amount of delicious chocolatey goodness. I must admit to laughing out loud at Jonah Hex, which I always enjoy, but not usually quite on that level.

And the JSA FINALLY gets to the point. Too bad for Grant, although I must say that he rather deserved it.