Saturday, May 23, 2020

Heroclix Customs: The Island, Captain Squidd, and the Sea Sleuth

Heroclix doesn't have any maps that have underwater elevations, which are important when you like Aquaman as much as I do, so I have made one:

I labelled the Island because I get easily confused.

It works mostly like a regular map with elevations except that the three lowest elevations (Deep, Mid, and Shallow) are water terrain.  All Heroclix figures can muck about as normal in the Shallows: Walkers have their speed halved and Flyers float above the water.  But the Mid and Deep levels are underwater only so only Swimmers can go there.  And, of course, one can swim in 3D, so no ladder or stairs are needed to get from one elevation to the next.

The topmost level is the Island itself; it's the same elevation as the Shallows, but is not water terrain.  The Island has some vegetative hindering terrain on it.  There's a handful of squares where Aquaman's finny friends can't get to you but... he still can.

Whom might you find in the environs of the Island? Well, perhaps my custom Captain Squidd figure:

You probably don't remember Captain Squidd because he appeared only once, but he made quite an impression.

On Aquaman, at least.

He sits, oddly enough, on the Roland Daggett dial from the BTAS Heroclix set; mostly that's so he can generate pirate crewmembers.

It's all about creative exegesis.

You might also find on this map another character you've never heard of:  Phineas Pike, the Sea Sleuth. 

Phineas Pike, Sherlock of the Sea, was a sort of Alfred-like supporting character for Golden Age Aquaman. His schtick was that he was a consummate expert on everything maritime, but didn't know how to swim.  Comic book irony.

As you can see, I gave him a more reasonable color palette, because, LORDY, old comics are garish.

He sits on the dial of some minor Marvel villain:

A stealthed perplexer with empower and enhance?  Oh, yes, Phineas Pike may be goofy but he'll be a solid support figure for Aquaman & Co.  

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Heroclix Customs: Science Square and The Prankster

Not all villains rob banks; more and more, they steal tech.

So I made this map of "The Science District":

The commons area is decorated with a fractal pattern (because that sort of math-y stuff underlies all of science) and a few interactive exhibits of a various vaguely scientific types.  Not a lot of opportunity for terrain-based tactics but that's not really Superman's style and this is definitely for him and those flying people. 

Although I imagine this as being in Metropolis, it could be in any of the DCU's major fictionopolises.  It's flanked by buildings for some of DC's major corporate players in tech: Kord Industries, Mercury Labs, Lexcorp, S.T.A.R. Labs, WayneTech, Queen Consolidated, and PalmerTech.  The flying drone/ship is just for pretty.

Whom might you find on such a map?  Perhaps the Prankster, with a sculpt made on HeroForge:

"It's a gift, Superman, just for you...!"

This sculpt sits on the wildly unpredictable (yet surprisingly affordable) Obnoxio The Clown dial:

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Heroclix customs: The Museum and Aegis

Time for some Heroclix!

Here is a new custom map I made for a generic location: The Museum.

They are easier to rob at night, you know.
This map is based on a real place: The Oriental Museum at the University of Chicago.  

Museum Floor Plan
Not pictured: museum stuff.

On my map, the display cases serve as indoor blocking terrain.  Walls and displays are not allowed to be destroyed. Because art.

The circles at the northern edge of the map are for placing Loot (an option I have developed for play).  

Whom might you find in the Museum? Perhaps Wonder Woman's brother, Jason, protecting some classical artifact.

They never gave Jason a code name.  

In fact, they never even gave him a surname. 
Very rude.

It's not a perfect match for his comic book costume, but one does what one can:

He looks a little young here, but he's Diana's twin so they are same age. 

Jason's time in comics was short and mostly just an excuse to inflict some pain on Wonder Woman when he betrayed her to some New Gods nonsense.  And then changed his mind as soon as someone pointed out that it was rude.  Very CW.  I hope a writer will bring him back some day; Wonder Woman really needs a broader dynasty and "the only male Amazon" is a great concept.

This sculpt was created on and ordered from HeroForge 2.0.  

I have placed it on this dial, a very good one for protecting others: 


They never gave him a surname or a codename, so I had to do that myself.

In the most obvious way possible, I might add.

Given how protection-oriented the dial is, "Aegis" seemed the right choice.