Friday, April 10, 2020

Green Arrow vs. The Pirates #0: Pssstt!

I have a story to tell ye this week! 'Tis a story 'bout

The only hero upstaged by a definite article!

'n' his struggles against the wicked crew of THE BLACK RAIDER!

"Whistling Shafts" is the name of my next quartet.

This pirate yarn'll be fun fer all ages!



John C said...

Well, all ages except "white beard and too many guns" years old. It doesn't look like much fun for them. He's already rolling his eyes at the story...

This post brings up the odd (and totally-irrelevant to the post) point, that, at least prior to the New 52 revamps, many characters had logos or at least logo concepts that survived for decades with a handful even making a come-back on current covers. And then there are characters like Green Arrow, where DC has both not bothered to invest in a consistent visual identity and over-invested by needing to create a new look with almost every creative team or, this far back, often every issue.

Like I said, not relevant to the post, but the "the" scroll jumping out made an interesting contrast between Green Arrow and a character like the Flash, whose logo is (almost) always recognizable.


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