Wednesday, September 07, 2016

One-Panel Promos

One of my pet theories is that it only takes only panel to let you know whether you want to buy a comic book or not.  

Rather than covers, or Coming Up blurbs, or creator interviews that are all the same ("Well, we're doing something entirely NEW that's true to the character's ROOTS, and yes, that other character you mentioned MIGHT be involved, but of course I can't tell that you for sure just yet, now, can I?"), publishers could just promo that one panel in advance and their marketing would be done.

Well, here are my own One-Panel Promos for this week's comics.

Supergirl #1

There are a hundred reasons to buy Supergirl #1, which is doing an almost impossibly good job of situating Supergirl in her new life.

But for me that's all it takes; it says worlds to those who can hear it.

Aquaman #9

There are many panels that would have served the purpose this month, because Aquaman is awesome, Mera is awesome, and Black Manta is fearsome. But I choose this one:

Because heroes don't start wars. They stop them.

Justice League #4

If this kind of talk turns you off, then you're not going to enjoy this issue.

Superman #6

There's a lot of bang and crash in this issue.

But that's all you really need to know.

Batman #6

There are some wonderful things in this issue. Including three Special Guest Villains I never expected to see again in my entire life.  The most wonderful of all, however is....

Batman stopping an unstoppable force with his most powerful weapon: compassionate understanding.


CobraMisfit said...


Things like THIS make me more inclined to try new titles. Covers are wonderful, but panels that show the power and compassion of a character? Yes please.

Anonymous said...

I don't get whatever reference that is with Supergirl.

Exceptional comic either way. What did it for me wasn't just a single panel, though. It was the couple panels that started with panicked people on the radio asking if anyone can hear them, and then Supergirl busting forth and saying "I can". Now that's what I want to see in a Kryptonian heroine.

Scipio said...

Illium-349 is a rare Kandorian isotope. Its only previous mention was in Adventure 245 (1959).

That means: the writers care.

cybrid said...

"three Special Guest Villains I never expected to see again in my entire life"

Any chance you'll tell us who they are? Because the GCD does not yet know. Thanks. :-)

SallyP said...

I think that Krypto panel should be in just about every Superman book from now on... just because.

Nathan Guy said...

"Because heroes don't start wars. They stop them."

Take a note, Marvel.

Scipio said...

Here's a hint:
Batman #113, Batman #352, and Detective #460.

Bryan L said...

"I think that Krypto panel should be in just about every Superman book from now on... just because."

I fully support Sally P. But then, I almost always do.

Jeff McGinley said...

Man, I had given up DC almost completely in new 52. Not only do these look great, but Batman 462 is one of the first comics I owned in my entire life. (Later years I tracked down the beginning of the story)

just when I think I'm out...they pull me back in.

SallyP said...

Oh Bryan! My eyelashes are fluttering

AJC70 said...

My mother passed around the time Batman #6 was in stores, and the end of the issue, I was in tears again. My mother kickstarted my love of reading, and Batman as well. Thanks Mom, and thanks DC for this issue.